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High Court To Deliberate on Lev L'Achim Appeal to Prevent Recognition of Scientology School
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

High Court Justice Tova Strassberg-Cohen, ruling on a petition filed by Lev L'Achim against the Education Ministry demanding that it prevent licensing of a Scientology cult school, has decided to transfer the case to a panel of three judges. She determined that deliberation on the petition must take place by June, which is prior to the beginning of the next school year, 5762 (2001-2).

The judge refrained from issuing a provisional order against the school, and transferred the decision on this issue to the three judge panel.

The appeal to the High Court filed by Attorney Tomer Moskowitz was made following Education Ministry recognition of a school affiliated with the Scientology cult, granting it a license and government subsidies. Scores of children from the Dan area study in the school, which is located within the Mikveh Yisrael agricultural school compound.

Heads of the Lev L'Achim's Anti-Cult Department, upset by repeated attempts by the Scientology Cult to expand its activities, expressed the hope that new administration in the Education Ministry will reverse ministry policies with respect to the Scientology cult that were instituted under former Education Minister Yossi Sarid. Lev L'Achim is concerned over the fact that the Education Ministry's Textbook Approval Department recently published a favorable review of two books written by the cult leader in a Ministry circular.

The Scientology publishing house has made widespread use of the fact that a review of its books appeared in a Ministry circular. Launching an unprecedented book distribution campaign, the cult claimed that the books had been approved by the Ministry for use as textbooks in the school system. However, this proved to be untrue.

Binyamin Levi, director of the Textbook Approval Department of the Education Ministry, told Lev L'Achim that he has forbidden the publishing house to continue to claim that the books have received approval as textbooks by the Education Ministry. Lev L'Achim activists said that they will continue their battle against the Scientology cult, which is completely avodoh zorah (like idolatry).


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