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Yeshivas Hemshech Hazman
by Rabbi Aryeh Gefen

For the fourth consecutive year a very unique yeshiva has been running very discreetly with the support of gedolei hador. It is a yeshiva to recover the hours lost bein hazmanim; a yeshiva that perpetuates the sacred time of the yeshivas; a yeshiva that takes the sting out of the vacation days set aside for the holidays.

The yeshiva students, exemplary students, standouts among their peers, banded together from a number of top yeshivas-- Ponevezh, Chevron, Beis Matisyahu, Or Yisroel, Be'er Hatorah and more--to continue their studies in one beis midrash for an additional week into the month of Nisan.

In previous years the students joined one another at Yeshivas Hanegev in Netivot through the generosity and open- heartedness of the rosh yeshiva, HaRav Issachar Meir, who took on the financial burden and all of the difficulties involved in hosting several dozen yeshiva students on erev Pesach. One year the yeshiva was also hosted by Yeshivas Beis Eliyahu in Yismach Moshe with the generous support of the rosh yeshiva, HaRav Mordechai Broida.

This yeshiva is special in the fact that it takes place during the traditional break of an entire month in the studies at the yeshivas and uproots the concept of a "break" in learning. Even if students must leave temporarily to attend to pressing needs, the yeshiva does not cease, but the zman continues: "Yeshivas Hemshech Hazman."

The yeshiva is run by the students themselves, adhering to regular learning schedules. All of the regular sedorim continue, including the mussar seder and the standard yeshiva tefillah schedule. Leading rosh yeshivas and mashgichim come and give a shiur on the tractate and topic being studied at the yeshiva, and invariably leave impressed with the students who dedicate all their strength within the halls of Torah, unable to tear themselves away from the yeshiva.

This year Yeshivas Be'er Hatorah-Telzstone has taken upon itself to host the yeshiva during the first week of the month of Nisan. Yeshivas Hemshech Hazman continues to rise up within the Judean Mountains on the way to Jerusalem among the blossoming trees and the tranquil, pastoral atmosphere, in a rural, back-to-nature setting.

The organization almost takes care of itself. There is no official body or institution behind the yeshiva, but rather simply Torah kedarkoh shel Torah waiting there for the taking.


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