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The Emergency is Over, Let's Get On With It

Everyone, from politicians to pundits to military analysts, says that the current violence will last for a while. No one has suggested any way for us to do anything to end it, aside from expressing our willingness to talk and to make peace, and there is no doubt that we should be ready and willing to do so.

Train A Child In The Way He Should Go -- HaRav Chaim Kanievsky Responds To Some Commonly Raised Educational Issues
By Rav Tzvi Yabrov

One of the areas in which gedolei Yisroel are most often approached for guidance and advice is in matters pertaining to chinuch and to talmud Torah. While each questioner comes with his own set of circumstances and receives an answer that fits his particular situation, a majority of the questions touch on common issues which affect almost everybody.

The Torah Universe: Animal Rights and Wrongs
by Rabbi Nosson Slifkin

Kindness to animals is a theme of many mitzvos in the Torah. There is the positive commandment that any animal that is to be eaten must be appropriately (and painlessly) slaughtered first. Then, there is the prohibition of eating a limb from a living animal.

The Sense of Scent
by L. Jungerman

"And he smelled the scent of his clothing and he said: See, my son's scent is like that of the field which Hashem has blessed.

by E. Rauchberger

Legislating Elections

Evidence that early elections are nearing is the series of election laws which have been laid before the Knesset to debate and vote on. During normal times Knesset members prefer to address various issues, but when elections approach, as would be expected, an assortment of bills proposing election changes appear.

Vegetables from the Northern Negev

To the Editor:

The public must be wary of vegetables brought in from the northern part of the Aravah and Negev. Some follow lenient rulings and consider these area not to have kedushas ho'oretz but many follow the ruling of the Chazon Ish not to be lenient in respect to these vegetables, and not to regard these places -- which are sofeik Eretz Yisroel -- as chutz la'aretz.

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