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The Arab Vision and the Jewish Reply

A new government has taken office in Israel and on our side there are new hopes for improvements. Yet the Arab side has remained constant and it is interesting, to say the least, to hear what it has to say.

Our Fire, Our Flame And Our Future
by HaRav Aviezer Piltz

An Exciting Moment

Whenever I encounter those precious Jews who engage in toil and bear the burden of earning a livelihood, with all that it entails, yet who still find time every day for Torah study, it moves me. See, am Yisroel is still alive!

On Lies and Exaggerations
By Nosson Zeev Grossman

Outgoing Prime Minister Barak has the dubious distinction of being the least respected leader Israel has produced so far. By the time his premiership came to an end, he had lost almost all support even from his friends in the media. Why, asked one journalist, was there such universal condemnation of his behavior, among all his colleagues, who are all only too cynically aware of the realities of political morality?

Each Day Like New
by Maran Rosh Hayeshiva HaRav Eliezer Menachem Shach shlita

It is written, "And He gave to Moshe after He had finished speaking with him at Mt. Sinai the Two Tablets of the Testimony." Says Rashi: "The Torah was given to him as a gift, like a kallah to the chosson."

Advice to Parents on Shidduchim
To the Editor:

Since your column has recently brought up the issue of shidduchim, I have decided to write you about my experience in that realm.

More and More Honor: Part Two
by Chaim Walder

In a previous article, I discussed the importance of showing children respect. There I dealt with the question of why this is important; in this article I will discuss how to go about it.

The following are a number of general rules which surely do not exhaust the subject, but are a start.

Encouragement From The Distaff Side
by Avrohom Mordechai Kaufman and Yosef Gesser

Society imposes certain criteria by which human achievement is measured. But all of us possess certain hidden reservoirs of strength and skill which allow for individualized criteria of success. Few of us in the course of our lifetimes have an opportunity to perform a heroic act that will attract the attention of the masses.

Israeli Gamblers "Donate" $500 Million
to Palestinian Authority

by S. Yisraeli

An extensive study of the activity at the casino in Jericho has revealed that the Palestinian gambling house earned half a million dollars per day in "contributions" by Israelis, and that Israeli gamblers brought in a total of $500 million over the two years the casino was in operation.

Hazardous Electronics
by A. Turgeman

Chazal say that when HaKodosh Boruch Hu created Odom Horishon and placed him among the trees in the Garden, He told him to take heed how lovely the work of Creation was: "Beware lest you destroy My world."

Fish Set Free
by M. Naftali

Fishermen at Ashdod beaches have had a lot of work on their hands recently. Hundreds of fisherman have spread out along Ashdod beaches to hook Denis fish following the storm that passed through the region three weeks ago, generating waves over 13 meters high.

Paying the Orchestra
by P. Moses

Everyone is equal before the law--except for those who are more equal than others.

The well-endowed incitement racket that has taken shape over the last few years in the area of budget payments to Torah institutions relies heavily on a procedural principle that government funds should not be distributed without fixed, standardized eligibility criteria.

"If Pinchas Sapir were a Government Minister Today,
He would be Arrested"

by B. Adler

While Torah institutions are subject to incessant scrutiny and are required to demonstrate the highest levels of prudent management, other public organizations receive special consideration in matters tax violations and financial impropriety.

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