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Purim Safety

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

As Purim draws near, the staff of Magen David Adom has already had to treat a number of children suffering injuries as a result of playing with explosives and combustible materials. Magen David Adom (MDA) appeals to parents and teachers yearly to warn children and students about the dangers of various Purim gadgets and of the use of combustible materials for costumes and accessories.

Due to the many incidents in which costumes have caught fire from the sparks of fireworks and caps, MDA once again asks that caution be taken and that children wear only costumes certified as flameproof. Costumes made of combustible materials such as cotton, wool, paper, nylon or viscose cloth as well as plastic should not be used.

In the event that a child's costume includes flammable materials, one must ensure that the costume can be easily and quickly removed in case of emergency. Children must be warned strongly and in advance to keep away from sources of fire and high temperatures.

If a costume catches fire the following measures should be taken: 1) The injured person should be laid down and then rolled in the sand or on the ground. 2) The fire should be extinguished with large amounts of water or a wet blanket. 3) The head of the injured person should not be covered, in order to prevent suffocation. 4) Charred clothing should not be removed, and fatty creams should not be spread on the burns. Instead, the burns should be cooled with copious amounts of water.

One must absolutely not sprinkle "snow" sprays on exposed skin, especially not on the eyes or face. Scores of children have been hurt and required medical treatment in recent years because of such sprays. In the event that chemical substances penetrate the eyes, they should be rinsed with copious amounts of water. These sprays are also extremely flammable.

Fireworks should be held far away from one's face, especially the eyes. In the event that a spark of fire penetrates an eye, it should be quickly doused with water, and the victim should seek immediate medical attention.

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