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Is Anyone Bored with Purim?

Despite government programs to try to equalize things, American social observers worry that there may be what they call a "digital divide." This refers to a supposed gap that separates those who have Internet access from those who do not.

Charvona's Mention: The Extent of Kiddush Hashem
by Rav Yerachmiel Kram

The question is asked why Charvona only deserves an honorable mention, rather than a full blessing. And why, altogether, does he get that much? Are we not told in Pirkei deR' Eliezer that it was Eliyohu Hanovi disguised as Charvona who gave the timely suggestion to King Achashverosh that Haman's gallows was all prepared?

A Shmuess for Shabbos Zochor
By HaRav Sholom Schwadron zt'l

"Remember what Amoleik did to you, on the way when you were coming out of Egypt . . . " (Devorim 25:17). There are several points to note about this posuk, as well as about the general mitzvo of wiping out the memory of Amoleik.

Leave Our Land
by A. Yitzchaki

It is related that Chaim Nachman Bialik, the so called "national poet" of the State of Israel, who in his youth spent some time in Volozhin yeshiva, asked to meet HaRav Boruch Ber Lebowitz, whom he knew from his time in the yeshiva.

Peace and the Importance of Saving Lives
by Rabbi Nosson Grossman

In the middle of February, political commentators relying on what they had heard from those close to the prime minister, Ehud Barak, explained the reason for the government's reluctance at that time to withdraw its soldiers from Lebanon.

Dr. Joseph Kaminetsky, a"h
By Rabbi Bernard Goldenberg

It is an experience commonly shared by so many of us. We visit a family and, during this warm visit, the mantle shelf in the family living room catches our attention. There we find, as a majestic story unfolds, the growth of generations. A place of honor to the grandparents -- and, as our eyes and heart take note of the rest, we also view the eager faces of the young ones, the grandchildren and oft, the great- grandchildren as well.

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