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Deputy Security Minister: Chareidi Communities to Remain Under Israeli Sovereignty

by Betzalel Kahn

At the end of a tour of Kiryat Sefer and Beitar Illit, Deputy Security Minister, MK Ephraim Sneh made the following statement: "Building in the chareidi settlements is acceptable to and approved by the Barak government. These settlements meet the criteria for inclusion in the settlement areas under Israeli sovereignty within the framework of the agreement which will be signed with the Palestinians." It was the first explicit statement that these large chareidi communities will remain under Israeli sovereignty even under the terms of a settlement with the Palestinian Authority. Nonetheless, it did not come as a big surprise to most observers since both communities are fairly large and located quite close to other Israeli communities.

The visit of the Deputy Security Minister and his entourage began with a work meeting with the head of the Modi'in Illit council R' Yosef Schwinger, who spoke about the main problems which are impeding the development of the settlement such as the paving of Highway 45 and the security problem with which the deputy minister is quite familiar due to the recent parliamentary question of MK Rabbi Meir Porush.

The council head, Rabbi Yerachmiel Boyer stressed the importance of the development of the settlement, especially in light of the High Court ruling which permits Arabs to purchase lands and homes in Jewish settlements which lack a special identity and character.

The second stop on the visit was Beitar Illit. At a work meeting in the settlement's council, Rabbi Yehuda Gerlitz, head of Beitar's local council, spoke about those of his plans which are awaiting the approval of the deputy minister, such as the Bnei Beitcha project to allow people to build their own private homes, the need to improve the entrance into the settlement, the development of area D which is slated for community services (commerce, a cemetery and more), the continuation of the selling of area B-1, which is being delayed pending the High Court's verdict on the appeal of an Arab family which claims that it owns the land.

The deputy minister and his entourage toured the neighborhoods and were impressed, among other things by the security center which functions 24 hours a day and is operated by cameras. They then visited the Letzion Berina institute for young women from the C.I.S. founded by the Karlin Stolin chassidim, and were guests of the institute for lunch.

Beitar is a community on the outskirts of Yerushalayim that includes a broad range of all segments of the chareidi community. Recently a large area was developed for the yeshiva community, including the planned relocation of the Bircas Moshe yeshiva.

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