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Cellcom Distributes Cellular Telephones to Special Gemachs Throughout the Country

by A. Cohen

"I am proud that Cellcom is filling its world not only with the most advanced technology, but also with gemilus chassodim, and with adherence to the fundamental values of the Jewish Nation," the president and director general of Cellcom, Yaakov Peri, former director of the General Security Services, told the representatives of the Cellcom Gemach fund for the loaning of cellular phones, during the ceremony for the distribution of more than fifty Cellcom telephones to representatives of cellular phone gemachs from all over the country.

The ceremony took place in Cellcom's headquarters in Hertzlia. The event was attended by the heads of the Cellcom company, the representatives and directors of the branches of the Cellcom Gemach, and representatives of the religious media.

The first speaker was Rabbi Arye Frankel, who noted: "The motto of Cellcom is: `With Cellcom you're never alone' and its implications are that one must give to his fellow and sense his needs. This gemach is one of the finest expressions of Cellcom's uniqueness and of its willingness to give. Giving involves much more receiving than giving, as Chazal have said: `Aser al menas shetis'asher -- Tithe in order to become rich."

Yaakov Peri said: "The moment the idea of founding the Cellcom Gemach was raised, we considered it not only from the point of view of public image, but also for its practical contribution and the help it would accord the chareidi community. We have run the Cellcom Gemach in the past, with much success. We are now strengthening it and adding additional branches."

At the end of his warm speech, he distributed the Cellcom cellular phones and a letter of authorization to three of the coordinators of the new gemachim, Rabbi Meir Landman, Rabbi Zelig Klein of the Achiezer Organization in Beitar Illit and HaRav Yitzchok Meir Bordikovski of Kollel Polin, Kupat Rabbi Meir Baal Haness. The gemach now has branches in Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Ashdod, Petach Tikvah, Beitar Illit, Emanuel, Beit Shemesh, and it will soon be expanded to other regions.

Blessings in name of the representatives of the Gemach were delivered by Rabbi Meir Landman, who originally purchased a cellular telephone from his own money and made it available to the general public for special occasions, and especially to women after birth who must keep in constant touch with their families. Together with his friend, Rabbi Yaakov Rivlin, they decided to expand the gemach. Recently, it joined the Cellcom Gemach. In his remarks, Rabbi Landman noted that the secret of Cellcom's success is its giving to others. "A person, a company, a country and a state which know how to give to others thereby merit success," he said.

Rabbi Mordechai Neugershal delivered blessings in the name of Kollel Polin. In his speech he stressed the Jewish aspect, saying that the more a person gives, the more his giving becomes receiving. "When the directors of Cellcom decide to allocate telephones for a gemach they succeed in mobilizing hi- tech for communal needs," he said. He also noted that Chazal praised Chanoch who, while making shoes, concentrated on how to benefit his fellow. "Chanoch," Rabbi Neugershal said, "is the symbol of a person who directs his activities to benefiting his fellow, and Mr. Yaakov Peri the general director and president of the company who has allocated telephones in order to help others is in that way like Chanoch."

Rabbi Mattisyahu Tennebaum cited the Chazal that one mitzvah leads to another and said: "When we see Mr. Peri's readiness to help the community, we ask: what was the previous mitzvah which led to the current one? At this point we can reveal that Mr. Peri was very active in helping to save human lives in his previous dealings, and that by means of the cellular telephone more people can be saved."

At the end of the ceremony, cellular telephones were transferred to the representatives of the Cellcom Gemachs from all over the country. These telephones will be made available starting next week.

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