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Tuna Patties Revisited
by Leah Subar

"So," said my future husband with a grin, "do you like to cook?"

I knew nothing about cooking and told him so frankly. "However," I added with the self assurance found only among the young, "I'm sure that someday I'll be gourmet."

The Genius
by M. Ross

In last week's issue, we discussed the gifted child in an article by Rochel Gill. Our translator, an expert in education, and specifically in speech, has these insights to offer on the subject.

Love Goes Through the Stomach

by Channi Katz, London

This morning a feeling of happiness engulfs me.

It is Rosh Chodesh Nissan and my Yeshiva boys are coming home.

Most probably, by tomorrow my spirits will be lowered by some giant heaps of laundry, generously deposited into the family hamper. And if that will not suffice to dampen my excitement, then the ripped hems and missing buttons and popped pajama elastics are likely to do the trick.

Taxi Service
by Rabbi N. Aronson, Manchester

The sherut was traveling along the highway towards Jerusalem. From inside the car, I was looking out of the window in order to get my first glimpses of Eretz Yisroel, where I intended to study in a yeshiva and to get to know my fellow Jews. An explanation of the Gaon upon a verse sprang to mind: "Who is like unto Your people, Israel, one nation in the land." The Gaon commented that a stress was to be laid on the word `land'; apparently, Jews in the Holy Land are even more unique.

Chogegim Im Chagit

by Menucha Fuchs
Reviewed by Sheindel Weinbach

I don't know if anyone can compete with our Libby Lazewnik - in any manner, especially as a prolific writer. But Menucha Fuchs is a close runner up, with a few dozen books to her fame and as a columnist. As far as style and message, each to his unique own!

Red Rose, White Rose

by Yaffa Shepsel

Ever walk through a bustling market, the kind described in our Pesach issue - like Machane Yehuda? You cannot help but be overwhelmed by the kaleidoscope variety of fruits and vegetables and their beauty of design, color, shape, eye appeal. Each species so different in every way, including the richness of nutrients they supply - which, Rabbi Avigdor Miller explains, is the reason why Hashem made them so appealing.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Last week I spoke about Alzheimer's Disease and I neglected to mention one important point. Many experts feel exercise is a good way to delay the progression of early Alzheimer's. This is just another positive benefit of exercise.

Poet's Corner

by Ruth Lewis

Such excitement! A neighbor's child
Has brought over a baby cuddly duckling.
Well, it is kind of cute -
Tiny black eyes, like watermelon seeds,
In the pale yellow, downy fluff.
It waddles about our house
On orange webbed feet, exploring.
The children put in in the bathtub -
It swims! They're serving
Corn kernels in a plastic cup
From their toy tea set, to this guest,
This VID - Very Important Duckling.

But we've had katchkelach,
Baby brothers, sisters -
Toddling about our house before,
Wobbling as adorably as this.
Small creatures every bit as wondrous.
The children hardly noticed them.
Oh, well, big folks, too, tend to overlook
The wonder and the beauty of what's theirs.
Big folks, too, it seems, tend to prefer

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