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Yiddishkeit is Big in Israel

The focus of everyone's attention in Israel is on foreign policy issues, especially the "peace process" with the Palestinians. In this area, the meaning of Barak's victory is far from clear.

The Loser, the Winner and the Problems
by E. Rauchberger

The day after, it was clear to all that more than Ehud Barak had won the elections, Binyamin Netanyahu had lost them. Binyamin Netanyahu brought this loss upon himself. One simply can't fight for so long a time, with so many people in the country and throughout the world.

The Way to Peace and Security
by Rabbi Nosson Zev Grossman

In the last Israeli elections campaign, as in the past, international developments and the country's security were debated between the various political parties. Most parties addressed these issues, each one corresponding to its particular ideology.

Illuminating the Darkness
by Rav Yitzchok Dvoratz

When we see a freight train transporting goods to urban areas, we can't help noticing the different types of cars and compartments, be they open or sealed. There are the grain cars in which vital food is being brought for daily sustenance. Then there are cars with cartons of clothing, a less necessary commodity. What probably takes up the least space are the white cartons of medicines for the sick, since only a small segment of the population requires them; important as they are, they are not a universal need.

To Call in Hashem's Name
by HaRav Yehoshua Shklar

"And Hashem appeared to him . . . `Live in this land, and I will be with you and will bless you . . . and establish the oath that I swore to Avrohom your father . . . because Avrohom obeyed My voice and kept My charge, My commandments, My statutes, and My laws'" (Bereishis 26:2-5). "Fear not, for I am with you and will bless you and multiply your seed for My servant Avrohom's sake" (v.24).

Much Ado about U.S. Vouchers Programs Raising Hopes, Creating Controversy
by Rabbi Avi Shafran

When tens of thousands of union members marched past New York's City Hall in Lower Manhattan Wednesday May 19, a punning placard held aloft by one demonstrator under the banner of the United Federation of Teachers read "`Vouchsafe' Public Education:" and then, a bit below, "No Vouchers."

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