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Meeting of Degel HaTorah Secretariat
by S. Bruchi

The Degel HaTorah secretariat, along with representatives of the chareidi sector from all over the country, met on 17 Teves, before the recent prime ministerial elections, for a meeting in the Bnei Brak movement headquarters to discuss current issues of importance.

The meeting was opened by Chairman of the Secretariat, Rabbi Avrohom Ravitz, who reviewed the activities of the Degel HaTorah representatives in the Knesset during the past one- and-a-half year term of Prime Minister Barak. He noted, "Despite the fact that the heads of the Government were antagonistic to us, this Knesset term was successful; we were able to pass several pertinent laws and take care of many issues important to the chareidi sector."

Rabbi Moshe Gafni, secretary of Degel HaTorah, greeted the head of the Modi'in-Illit council and its members, as well as the members of the Elad council, new to the Secretariat. He wished them success in their new positions. Rabbi Gafni reviewed the activities of the Degel HaTorah and Agudas Yisroel representatives during the past Knesset term, noting: "Despite the fears we had with Barak's rise to power, the term proved to be far better than we had expected. We succeeded in passing many laws connected with the chareidi and religious sectors and other social issues, among them Rabbi Ravitz' law on prayer services at a place of employment and Rabbi Halpert's law to raise the children allotments."

Rabbi Gafni noted: "We joined the coalition at the directives of the gedolei hador in order to legislate the issue of bnei yeshivos, and resigned two months into the term as a result of the turbine affair. But even when we were in the opposition, we were productive. The secret of our success is that all of our activities take place far from the eyes of the media and without our trying to make big headlines." He then described the activities of Toda'ah, through whom the representatives of Degel HaTorah form links with the public at large.

Other speeches were delivered by Rabbi Pindrus, Degel HaTorah representative in Beitar and Rabbi Greenbaum, Degel representative from Beit Shemesh. It was decided to hold another meeting in the near future.

Among the well-known figures at the meeting were Rabbi Uri Lapolianski, Rabbi Uri Maklev, HaRav Yechiel Tourgeman and Rabbi Moshe Lachover.


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