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Rabbi Eliezer Tzvi T. sent us an urgent letter in advance of Tu BeShevat. "We will never forget Tu BeShevat 5760, and I would like to tell Yated Ne'eman why, in order to make it clear to the public how great the danger is.

The Bed
by Sudy Rosengarten

The Sabbath was departing, stealthily retreating through the darkness of the Shemtov Yeshiva in Brooklyn. The Rebbe, a form felt, rather than seen, concluded the service with swaying body and ringing voice.

A Container For Shemita - Pach Shemita

by Devora Piha

The Shemita container has taken its place in the kitchen, either on the kitchen counter or humbly on the floor alongside the kitchen garbage receptacle. Enhance and advertise its noble purpose with the following homemade Shemita containers and decorations. This should help bring out your children's interest in the topic of the seventh year produce and the mitzva of letting the land rest. For all that grows in the land of Eretz Yisroel in the seventh year is holy.

Tips On Using Your Dryer
by I.M.A.

Remember hearing/reading of the washday of yore? Some of it applies to today, as well. Put thought into your washing and drying; be around to monitor the machine, to remove and fold etc., to quick-iron shirts immediately and so on, as suggested, for best results.

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Emotional problems are a large part of medicine and we have dealt with some in the past in this forum. Today I would like to discuss denial.

Poet's Corner

My 'Friend' and I
by E. Isaacs

Fred whirled around
At the slap on his shoulder,
"You look great!" cried a man,
"Not even a drop older!"

The stranger smiled,
Fred stared at his face
But failed to connect him
To any time or place.

"Don't you recognize me,
Fred? How can that be?
Remember our friendship?
It was so special to me!"

Frankly, Fred remembered nothing,
But that he couldn't claim
Since this stranger even knew
His private nickname.

The stranger chuckled merrily,
"This meeting I want to celebrate.
Such a joyous occasion
I must commemorate!"
"Come, my dear friend,
In this restaurant let's dine.
Please don't refuse,
The bill will be mine!"

Fred followed the stranger
Into the restaurant so exclusive,
How could he decline
An invitation so effusive?

"Fred, I'll have whatever you order,
As my special honored guest,
Don't even look at the price!
You, dear Fred, deserve only the best."

Fred relaxed and studied
The menu, with every exotic dish,
"Yes?" inquired the waiter,
"Sir -- what is your wish?"
"Please bring my friend and me
Your gourmet specials with wine."
Fred continued a lengthy order
As urged, line after line.

Fred and the gracious stranger
Enjoyed an array of superb dishes,
"Wonderful company," thought Fred,
"A dream-come-true of my wishes."

The stranger chuckled again,
"You're enjoying this, I see,
Fred, order some more!
The bill is on me!"
Fred snapped his fingers
Thus beckoning the waiter,
Who replenished their plates
Only a brief moment later.

"This dinner is superb,
But your company I enjoy most,"
Complimented the stranger,
A most accommodating host.

"Excuse me, a moment, Fred,
I'll be back in no time,
Meanwhile, perhaps, you
Could order more wine."

Was there anything he'd missed?
Fred restudied the menu,
"Who knows if I'll ever
Return to this venue?"

Fred summoned the waiter,
Dessert, with a bottle, he brought,
"I'll wait for my dear friend,
To enjoy it together, we ought."

But when the French pecan sorbet
Began slowly to melt,
Fred began to wonder
And a bit uneasy he felt.
Where was his good friend?
What could be keeping him so?
He wasn't anywhere in sight.
Where on earth did he go?

Fred toyed with his spoon,
But the dessert he couldn't enjoy.
All his powers of self conviction
He tried to employ.
"The stranger will soon return,
And he'll pay the huge bill,
Perhaps he's gotten lost?
Or suddenly felt ill?

He had been so convincing,
So hearty, so welcoming,
But that wouldn't help Fred now,
With the bill, with the reckoning.
The waiter was waiting,
Bill on the tray,
"But there's been a mistake,
And my friend's gone away."

The proprieter arrived,
"Pay up! You ordered! You ate!"
"But it was that rogue's doing!"
"Too bad you realized so late!" "But it's not my fault,"
Fred pleaded and cried.
"I fell into a trap,
I didn't see that he lied."

The proprieter proclaimed,
"The waiter and I witnessed all,
The food and the wine,
Was at YOUR beck and call.
Nobody forced you
You dined with free will,
No excuse will help you.
You must pay the full bill."

Fred learned his lesson,
Now he knows to watch out
And he wants to warn others --
There's a Yetzer Hora about.
He acts like a friend,
With only your benefit in mind,
But in reality, he's actually
Nothing of the kind.
He's the best actor in the world,
At convincing, he's a pro,
But after trapping his victims,
Away he will go.
His lips are so glib,
How luring his snare,
Never let him convince you!
Be careful - beware!
He's no faithful friend
He's man's worst foe,
Don't become his next victim,
Don't let YOUR bill grow!

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