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A New Middle East

With the overwhelming defeat of Ehud Barak, the "peace process" begun at Oslo is completely over and a new era has started in Israel and in Israel's relationship to the world.

The Struggle for Shmittah Observance This Year: Jewish Produce, the Heter Mechirah, Sefichim and Geuloh
By HaRav Yosef Yekusiel Efrati

Part I

Ever since Jews started resettling in Eretz Yisroel, a war has been going on between those who are lax in their observance of the mitzva of shmittah and all their naive followers on the one hand, and those who are meticulously observant of all mitzvos and obedient to the gedolim on the other hand.

The Hand Of Hashem
by HaRav Aharon Rotter

"I will speak that I may find relief; I will open my lips and answer" (Iyov 32:20). To quiet the storm raging within me I am forced to divulge my thoughts.

Shom Derech -- Balancing Our Ways
by HaRav Simcha Zissel Broide zt"l

A new sefer came out recently containing the writings of HaRav Simcha Zissel Broide zt"l on Chumash Shemos. Shom Derech is a collection of the Rosh Yeshiva's shiurim on the Ramban's commentary on the Torah. We have picked several excerpts which deal with topical issues.

Kiddush Shem Shomayim
by Chaim Walder

Fame sure is fleeting. A year and a half after his election by a impressive majority, Ehud Barak has vanished from the political map. 800 thousand people who voted for him in '99 shifted their support this time to Sharon. What does all this mean?

by E. Rauchenberg

Ousted from Office

What happened to Ehud Barak was neither a takeover nor a defeat: he was fired. A popular revolution. The people purged Ehud Barak from the Prime Minister's Office; this, perhaps, is the best description of the severe routing of Ehud Barak, the most conceited official ever to serve as Prime Minister in the State of Israel.

Compensation: How much are Ten Years of Freedom Worth?
by D. Berger

Forty-six million shekels, the biggest suit ever filed in an Israeli court against the State of Israel. This is the amount of the suit filed by four plaintiffs who sat in jail for many long years after having committed no crime.

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