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In this series, two American "transplants," or chutznikiot describe their absorption in Israel. In the eyes of both, the point of attraction to life here is not lifestyle or mentality, but clearly only a high spiritual level and the existence of Torah centers that enable perfect Torah study for the husband.

Yom Kippur in Williamsburg
by Sudy Rosengarten

When the Days of Awe arrived, the rebbe himself conducted the prayers for our congregation. His services were so moving, his song and chant so impressive, that it was with the excitement and anticipation of a thrilling experience that we entered the shul.

The Martyrs

by Yisca Shimony

We stood crowded at the Kosel reciting Tehillim and praying on behalf of Nachshon Waxman who had been kidnapped by Arabs, his whereabouts still unknown.

Slip of the Tongue
by Rosally Saltsman

We used to serve tongue for Rosh Hashona back in the States, when it was easier come by, for two reasons. First, it is part of the head, so that "We keep a-head and not a-tail." And, since we like to make up our own simonim for table conversation, we would add, "So that our tongues exult in song -- leshoneinu rina." We also eat sweet potato (kugel) to have a sweet year, and when we eat something with onion, we pray that Hashem "conceal us protectively in the shade of His wing -- betzel kenofecha." Challenge your children to find their own simonim and to ask Hashem, in as many ways as they can imagine, to bless us with a good New Year!

From Ashes to Ice Cream
by Leah Subar

I tip-toed through the darkened hallway and entered her room. She lay sleeping on her bed. Her blonde wisps draped her soft cheeks. This was the six-year- old that giggled, that cried, that pondered, that smiled her infectious smile -- a toothless grin. Now that six-year-old was placid as the day she was born.

The Festivals
by Tzvia Ehrlich-Klein, Jerusalem

Well, Yom Tov time is here again. A happy time, a busy time, and a time for reconnecting spiritually as well as socially.

Don't Say `Mandelbrodt'

It is customary not to eat nuts on Rosh Hashona, since egoz has the numerical value of chet, sin. The Kotzker Rebbe used to tell his chassidim that chet also has that numerical value, as a reminder that one should be more involved in actual tshuva than its mere symbols.

Mirrors of Our Lives

by Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov

Remember "Our Lives," a book written for women, by women?

"Mirrors of Our Lives -- Reflections of Women in Tanach" is also a book for women, by a woman, Rebbetzin Holly Pavlov, but is the furthest thing from fiction. Inspiring, certainly. Thought provoking, exceptionally.

Poet's Corner

by Chaim Salenger

The birthday of the world. The Day of Remembrance. The Day of Judgment. Thresholds of Life and of Death...

Alone, alone they go
Stand on the shores of the living And good-bye to the one whom they loved
For we all know that someday we die
But the sadness that burns like a fire
I believe, will someday fade away
As the world keeps faithfully
turning, turning, turning
Time away.


Alone, alone they go
And stay while this one goes before them
On a journey beyond every dream
To grow in the garden of G-d.
But we who are left in this physical life
Must go on with each trial we are given
As the world keeps faithfully turning, turning
Turning time away.


And the day will come
The dead will stand
In the light of the morning
In the hour of man
And G-d will show us
All our lives
And how every moment burns forever...


Alone, alone we go
Each on our own path
We are all choosing
So we drink from the wine of the world
Though some may get lost along the way
But save for the deeds and the wisdom we take
We shall leave this all far behind us As we turn to a life
That is forever,
Ever, ever evermore.

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