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Conversion Law with Ne'eman Recommendations Rejected by Knesset Law Committee
by E. Rauchberger and M. Plaut

The Knesset Law Committee met on Monday to discuss the implications of the regional court ruling requiring the Interior Ministry to register Reform converts as Jews on the Conversion Law (see separate story).

Archaeologists Desecrate Jewish Graves Under The Cover of Shabbos
By B. Kahn and A. Zisman

Archaeologists of the National Antiquities Authority last week again wantonly desecrated an ancient Jewish burial cave in Israel, this time on Shabbos, when they were certain that their work would not be interrupted by chareidim who had been trying to protect the site.

Russian Jewry Calls For Help From The West
By Arnon Yafe, Paris

Rabbonim have joined with other leading Russian Jewish figures in issuing a plea to the West to help them to overcome a Communist campaign against the Jews of Moscow and outlying regions.

David Levi is Losing His Supporters in France
by Arnon Yaffeh, Yated Paris Correspondent

David Levi's French supporters who established a branch of Gesher for recruiting funds for the Israeli elections, are dropping it as a result of his defection to Labor.

A Judge in Jerusalem Orders That Non-Jews with Reform and Conservative "Conversions" be Registered as Jews
by B. Kahn

A very serious ruling of Justice Vardi Zeiler of the Jerusalem Regional Court, regarding 23 non-Jews who were "converted" by a Reform clergyman a number of years ago, was published last week.

Manof to Attorney General: Curb Am Chofshi's Verbal Violence Against Chareidi Public
by B. Kahn

"The verbal violence currently directed at the chareidim is unprecedented in scope and in venom. The material circulated by the Am Chofshi organization in postcards and ads in the newspapers, is far more gruesome than anything we have known until now, with the clear intention to divert public sentiment against the chareidim and to delegitimize that sector of Israeli society," writes Rabbi Danny Nasi, director of Manof, the Chareidi Information Center.

Shearis Yisroel Warns: Check Packaged Bakala for Non-Kosher Fish
by B. Rabinowitz

Recently, significant amounts of non-kosher fish, included in packages of codfish (bakala), both cases and bags, were discovered in simcha halls and stores in chareidi neighborhoods, causing many people to unwittingly eat non- kosher products.

Foster Families Stipends to be Tax Exempt
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

After nearly a year of deliberations, the representatives of the Labor and Welfare Ministry, the Income Tax Department and the National Insurance (Bituach Leumi) informed the Knesset's Labor and Welfare Committee of the following arrangement, meant to ease the situations of foster families.

The Jerusalem Awards for Torah Literature are Distributed
by B. Kahn

On motzei Shabbos, Parshas Vayigash, the prestigious Jerusalem Awards for Torah Literature were granted at an impressive ceremony, headed by roshei yeshiva, public figures, members of UTJ, and guests from the entire spectrum of chareidi Jewry.

HaRav Aharon Leib Steinman and the Novominsker Rebbe Address Lev L'Achim Rally in Israel's South
by Moshe Schapiro

Hundreds of yungeleit filled the main Beis Medrash of Yeshivas Hanegev in Netivot last Monday night to hear a joint address by Maran HaRav Aharon Leib Steinman and the Novominsker Rebbe, Rabbi Yaakov Perlow.

Europe's 27th Annul Yarchei Kallah
by A. Cohen

Europe's 27th annual Yarchei Kallah took place last week at the Normandie Hotel in the British vacation town of Bournemouth.

81 Students Enrolled in Torah Institutions by Acheinu Activists

Eighty-one new students have recently been enrolled in religious schools -- this, as a result of wide scope efforts of Acheinu's activists.

A Living Sefer Torah Departs from This World
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

A large crowd gathered in the Yeshiva Letze'irim Manchester Beth Medrash and adjacent rooms on Monday to hear words of Torah and his'orerus on the gaon and tzaddik Reb Chaim Shmuel Lopian, zt'l.

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