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David Levi is Losing His Supporters in France

by Arnon Yaffeh, Yated Paris Correspondent

David Levi's French supporters who established a branch of Gesher for recruiting funds for the Israeli elections, are dropping it as a result of his defection to Labor.

"Levi changed his suit, his garment and joined with the Left," said one of them. Here most of the traditional Jews, who stem from North Africa and the suburbs, are frustrated by the disintegration of the Right, and support the Likud as opposed to the Left, which they view as spouting alien, anti- Jewish ideas. It is doubtful that David Levi will be able to collect any more money here.

These Jews have a link with Israel, and fly back and forth to it quite often, but are very discontented with the incidents taking place in the country, as reported in the press. The Jewish community is following the developments in Israeli politics and the rise of the secular who have anti-Jewish ideologies. In the meantime, they feel that the secular leaders, Ron Milo, Meridor and Shachak, are masquerading, and still haven't showed their true faces. It is estimated that Netanyahu and Barak will succeed in exposing them during the few months which remain until elections.

The anti-religious propaganda of the Leftist parties and the courts are indicative of what can be expected. It is feared that the battle, if it focuses on incitement against chareidi Jews, will result in antisemitic incitement in Europe too. The French press conveys every bit of information and every statement against the chareidim.

Reports about the ruling of the judge from Jerusalem regarding the recognition of Reform conversions received wide coverage here, under the headline: "The Decision of the Judge Will Exacerbate the Contention between the Reform and the Religious in Israel."

The Financial Times presented the chareidim, which it refers to as "ultra-Orthodox," as those who are "holding the budget of the state hostage." The French weekly Express publicized a series of photographs of Jewish life, which included families in their homes in Bnei Brak, and in the market. Underneath it were provocative captions and comparisons to Moslem fanatics. The anti- chareidi campaign in Israel enables Leftist circles to direct their antisemitism against religious and chareidi Jews.


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