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Parsha With Your Youngster
by Elisheva L. Nadler

Knowledge of parsha themes is a very relevant issue in the education of our children, not only as a training in mitzvos, but also as an avenue into family discussions. Even three and four-year-old children can derive tremendous satisfaction from being able to answer a question or add information when the parsha is on the agenda.

The Empyting Cart
by Rifca Goldberg, Tzefas

Chanuka cast was so full that this article `fell out'. But its message is always timely, we're sure you'll agree.

The supermarket is more crowded than usual today, the Thursday right before Shabbos Chanuka. I jostle with the others trying to get down the aisles, trying to reach each item I need.

If I'm a Happy New Mother, Then Why Don't I Feel That Way?
by Ahava Winston, Director of NITZA, the Jerusalem Postpartum Support Network

A new awareness is beginning to dawn concerning the devastating and sometimes dangerous reactions which afflict many new mothers (first time or multi-para). It is not a new phenomenon but there is greater understanding today of how to help these women and their families and promote recovery.

The Splitting of the Sea
by Leah Weisman

From the word go, the intricate process of shidduchim is nothing short of a miraulous meshing of two worlds, which will in turn create another link in the chain of creation. Since every person is a microcosm of the entire universe, marriage represents the effort of two distinct universes to mesh and not crash.


Since we will have to forego our new column on Household Management by Chaya Roizy Vorhand (tel. 02-6510025), we will compensate by telling the readers about an interesting course being offered for self help in sewing.

Pistachio Chicken
by Rivka Tal

For special occasions.

by A. Reader

Teves is the time when a housewife looks at the walls and sees the dirt,
A time when you notice Raizel's coat is a bit short and so is her skirt,
The next milestone is Purim and all that dressing up,
But at the back of your mind is: Pesach's coming up.

Teves is the time when it's too early to tidy up all the drawers,
Too early to move furniture and get into corners when vacuuming floors,
Time to try out recipes and chat with your friends,
Sew on odd buttons and buy odds and ends.

Teves is cold, so we huddle round the radiators and remember the sun,
Our memory plays us tricks and we think weeks of heat is so much fun,
in Australia, they're panting, the sun is too strong,
And on the tenth of the month, their fast is too long.

Teves is the month when there's always someone off school or in bed,
With a virus or flu or a cold or even just a bad head.
They go back to school looking pale and wan,
The ruddy cheeks of summer have faded and gone.

Teves, when Chanuka is over, you can't quite imagine the spring,
And how you regard rain depends on where you're living.
But one thing is sure, if you're feeling fit,
Each month has something special in it.

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