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15 Adar 5759 - March 3, 1999 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly







Lev L'Achim Uncovers a Dangerous Cult in Netanya

by Arye Zisman

Netanya's Police Department is investigating a dangerous cult which claims scores of young members from Netanya and the Sharon area. The police investigation is being conducted as a result of information presented by Lev L'Achim's Department for the Struggle Against Cults. The cult's activities focus on neo-Nazi incitement.

The activities of the dangerous cult came to the fore last week in the wake of a fire which broke out in an abandoned building in the center of Netanya. Firemen who arrived at the scene were surprised to discover swastikas and neo-Nazi slogans, such as "Long Live Hitler." The burned building was apparently the cult's secret meeting place.

Rabbi Moshe Lachover, coordinator of Lev L'Achim's anti-cult activities, arrived at the site and was surprised to hear police and other public figures say that they regard the findings as "youthful folly," and that they do not intend to investigate the affair.

Rabbi Lachover warned that the findings point to the nature of the activity of a "mystical" cult which includes organized neo-Nazi activity. Similar activities were disclosed by Lev L'Achim last year, when it discovered a dangerous group called "Hitler Youth," which used Nazi slogans, and listened to recordings of speeches of Hitler and Libyan leader Qadafi. The cult leaders also dabble in Satanic rituals that resulted in a number of deaths in Israel (and dozens of deaths in the States). This connection to the Satanic cult is the reason the police got involved here.

The youths who participated in these activities were defined as "youngsters from good families and students of an exclusive Tel Aviv high school, [including] grandchildren and relatives of Holocaust survivors." Their activity was halted due to the measures taken against them by Lev L'Achim whose volunteers, who are tracking down such groups and cults throughout the country, have transferred updated information from their computerized files to Netanya police. As a result, police have decided to make intensive efforts to locate youngsters active in this cult.

Lev L'Achim has repeatedly stressed the inadequacy of the legislative system, which doesn't implement the recommendations of the Glazer-Taasa Committee which recommended that the activity of cults be prohibited. This committee, founded by the Knesset a number of years ago, published an extensive report on the issue.

Educators and public figures were shocked by the degeneration of these high school students, and demanded the intensification of efforts to introduce the youngsters to Jewish values.

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