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Body Language - Part One
Prepared for Yated by R. GIL

Children send us wordless messages even before they learn to speak. Actually 97% of communication between people is non- verbal. How can we know if the child is upset, confused or afraid? How can we understand their thoughts by observing their eyes, body movements, tone of voice? "Children's body language" can help us understand children better.

Describing Our Living Jewish Art
by Devora Piha

Today we have a treasurehouse of hand or machine crafted Judaica, past and present, ceremonial objects and Jewish art, available from shops in Jerusalem and throughout the four corners of the world where Jews have been dispersed.

Letters, Eitzes, Feedback

We were gratified to see that the famous mechanech and author, Rabbi Noah Orlowek, also reads our section! Here is his commentary:

"I read with great satisfaction the articles on hachnossas orchim by Mrs. Tzivia Ehrlich-Klein. Especially good to read was the importance attached to keeping your own children the focus of the Shabbos table, even when there are guests.

Angelfood Pie
by Mimi Luxemberg

Back to chometz and summer dairy Shalosh Seudos. Try this superfancy, extra special pie.

Savta No-Lo
by Malka Adler

Savta No-Lo, always on the go,
Patrolling the house to and fro,
Don't crack the crystal, don't slam the door,
Pick up those blocks all over the floor.


Stop jumping - the neighbors are sleeping,
Catch the baby - look where he's creeping!
Take care with the table, steady the lamp.
Don't open the switch, your hands are damp.


Everything has been moved from its place,
With toys strewn about, there's simply no space.
Crumbs, spills, toys, trucks, books everywhere,
Trip, slip here, slide, glide there, please take care!


Savta's house is not a museum,
Though to a child, that's how it may seem.
She just likes things to be in order,
She has her rules, which everyone breaks, sorta.


Come and fabreng and bring everyone,
She wants them to enjoy and have lots of fun,
Just clean up when you're ready to go,
You'll bring nachas to Savta No-Lo.


by Ruth Lewis

Once, passing by a jewelry store
On Ben Yehuda St.
To her rich-looking companion:
"Now, they-uh's a ring Ah really ad-mi-uh!"


Once, I watched a lady eating creamcake.
She closed her eyes, savoring its lusciousness.
"This cake is a dream!" she said.


Once, I knew someone who had
A coin collection,
Each coin carefully catalogued,
Every detail lovingly recorded.


Once, I knew someone who owned
A large aquarium of tropical fish.
"See that one? With the blue stripes?
Now, I ask you - isn't that a beaut?!"


Once, I saw a little boy
Open a new packet of photos of gedolim.
"Oh, look!" his eyes lit up.
"The Chazon Ish! I don't have him yet!"


The first-born person
Was named Kayin, `Acquirer.'
Because that's why we're here -
To collect, acquire -
Everything we can.
Therefore, may our eyes light up
With love, excitement, zeal,
Collectors' mania:
"See that mitzva?
The one nobody noticed?
A rarie!
Now, I ask you -
Isn't that a beaut?"

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