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18 Marcheshvan, 5784 - November 2, 2023 | Mordecai Plaut, director | Vayishlach - 5782 Published Weekly
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Letter From HaRav Dov Lando shlita

Let all the Torah scholars together with all chareidim — those who are loyal to the world of Hashem — realize that we have nothing save for the study of Torah.

Those who occupy themselves with other things are deceiving, shaky hearts and deluding themselves that they are rescuing us from the threatening dangers. Let them realize that they are gravely mistaken to the degree that they are actually endangering themselves, their families and those around them, as has been known and proven by our Torah leaders.




A Message from the Mashgiach for Today

The Mashgiach, HaRav Don Segal, delivered an inspiring talk to a large audience in Yeshivas Mir in light of these difficult times. He said:

It is written (Bereishis 15:7-8), 'And Hashem said to him: I am Hashem Who took you out of Ur Casdim to give you this land for an inheritance. And he said: Hashem Elokim, how can I know that I will inherit it?' Hashem, out of His love, said to Avrohom, acknowledging that he had obeyed in agreeing to leave Ur Casdim, that telling him that He wished to bequeath to him Eretz Yisroel.

This is not a simple 'giving' but a promise of an inheritance. Even so, Avrohom still asks for a guarantee. While Hashem is ready to give him the land, Avrohom realizes that one must be worthy of such a gift.




Thoughts from HaRav Shach zt"l - From 35 years ago to Today

This past Tuesday (16 MarCheshvan), the Jewish world commemorated the twenty-second yahrtzeit of Maran HaRav Shach, the Avi Ezri, father of yeshivos, who for many years instilled the pure Torah-view to his people. How fervently he decried false beliefs and misguided opinions. Every word he uttered was relevant not only to his times but to the coming generations as well.

Here is a small excerpt from the message he conveyed at the opening of the Yarchei Kalla Torah seminar in 5749, some thirty-five years ago, and how timely they are still today:

"It is the wholesome path which has preserved the uniqueness of the Jewish people. The generations-long path of tradition is the one we tread up to this day, without complexities, but with a pure and simple faith in Hashem, the Torah and Chazal. These stood us in good stead throughout those past generations, despite harsh decrees and pogroms, exiles and the various tribulations which befell our people. In face of all the harsh circumstances which befell us, we were able to stand strong in our basic beliefs without being thwarted by any outside factors.




A factual, firsthand report of the events of the infamous "Kristallnacht", November 10, 1938

This was first published in 1992, 31 years ago.

Yated Ne'eman is proud to be the first to publish this firsthand account of the day after Kristallnacht in Nazi Germany. Written by a professional, it presents a stunning picture of the suddenness with which the events took place, reminding us that we can never truly know what the next day will bring.

Writing in November 2023, these events seem very close.

The following is an eyewitness account of Kristallnacht, November 10, 1938, written by Rabbi Selig Schachnowitz, editor of the famous German Jewish weekly, Frankfurt Israelit, from 1908 to 1938. Though written as if about someone else ("Herr Bloch"), the main character is clearly Rabbi Schachnowitz himself.




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Outstanding Articles From Our Archives

HaRav Naftoli (Herman) Neuberger - Askan and Mechanech

by Rabbi Mordecai Plaut

Modern commentators have stressed that Torah education is not just giving over information. Education is not just filling students with the facts of Torah, but also building their character and developing their potential in all areas of life. Every Torah teacher is not just charged with giving over information, but also with making his charges into mentschen.

Though Rabbi Naftoli Herman Neuberger spent most of his time at the Ner Israel Yeshiva running the office and developing the physical plant and not in the beis medrash, generations of students who passed through can testify that he played an important role in educating the talmidim in that difficult-to-pin-down area of being mentschen. In truth this was a theme struck even by many of those who came in contact with him in any of his myriad activities. His role as a model of dedication to Torah and yashrus and the advice he provided to so many in need in how to get things done and how to do them properly, are remembered and treasured by all those who came in contact with him.

Many people said that Rabbi Neuberger was like a father to them, but we think that more importantly it can be said that he served - from the unlikely position of executive director - also as a rebbe. As the gemora (Bovo Metzia 33:1) explains, a father brings his child to This World, but the rebbe "who teaches him wisdom (chochmoh)," brings him to Olom Habo. Though his official responsibilities were only the Olom Hazeh part of the yeshiva, there is no doubt that Rabbi Neuberger's influence was important in bringing the talmidei yeshiva to Olom Habo as well.

Home and Family

by Rebbetzin Nomi Travis

Question: What motivated you to become a matchmaker?


We all have personal miracles. If people truly look for the signs of Divine assistance, analyzing daily occurrences, they will inevitably see Hashem's hand in their lives. Everything is orchestrated from above.

The dating process as a whole should not be considered as happening by chance. We know that there is no coincidence in this world. Although it seems at first glance that their neighbor just "happened to know that young man" who obviously has so much in common with "that girl," so logically the match was set up.

While we are caught in the midst of difficulties, we usually don't have the clarity to see how all the events are connected. But often only much later, when we look back, we suddenly get a glimpse of how all the sorrows were growing pains. The same One Who gave them to us helped us to overcome them, making the everyday, the mundane, life lessons. If one really searches for the Creator's interventions in his own life, it's clear that the chain of events, as Chazal wisely explained, are no less miraculous then the splitting of the sea . . .


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