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Koh Somar Lebeis Yaakov — A Message for Jewish Women

by HaRav Meir Kessler

Our generation has been blessed with righteous women who, in addition to managing their household and all that this comprises, have also assumed the yoke of parnossa so that their husbands are able to sit in the tent of Torah. Fortunate are we to merit this. And yet, it is imperative that we be vigilant that they are not faced with trials in their workplaces which are not suited to a chareidi woman. This requires heightened attention.

I have been requested to bring to the public attention what I have heard from the Rosh Yeshiva in this matter, as follows:

1. Seminary administrators and parents should examine which profession is suited for a girl to pursue in advance, not only from the viewpoint of her talents but also to take into account the possibilities for suitable work in that field, and to judge whether her personality is suited to this occupation or to the work environment therein so that she not suffer from a spiritual standpoint.

2. There are official bodies such as the Defense Ministry and the like that are interested in hiring chareidi workers, offering excellent terms. One should be on guard since it threatens the proper modesty necessary for Jewish girls to work and be connected to such bodies, and they may thereby lose the necessary vigil.

3. In general, one must repeatedly clarify that all issues of parnossa depend on the Creator and that all is determined in advance on Rosh Hashonoh. It is inadvisable to look only upon the high salary being offered but to also always be on guard, during studies as well as afterwards, that a girl not forfeit the necessary basic principles needed to educate and mold the figure of a student and woman as a Jewish mother raising her children to Torah and yiras Shomayim.

4. Similarly, one must pay attention during studies in seminary that they not be overburdened in their chosen field of profession at the expense of a moral education so vital to their spiritual training, and be sure to inject in the hearts of the students those basic foundations of emunah and bitachon. When one does what is right, one is blessed with Heavenly assistance.


HaRav Meir Kessler

"There is certainly a potential danger of being influenced in an improper environment, and [since] all is in the hands of Heaven, one who is cautious will not lose out, and in this merit they will enjoy a good and happy life."

Gershon Eidelstein



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