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Halachic Guidance from HaRav Yitzchok Zilberstein to Hatzoloh Workers of Elad

Dealing with the terrible terrorist act which took place last week in Elad raised difficult halachic and ethical questions among the volunteers of Ichud Hatzolah. A special meeting with HaRav Yitzchok Zilberstein together with the head of Ichud Hatzolah of Elad, Rabbi Moshe Saadon; president of Ichud Hatzolah of Bnei Brak, Rabbi Mordechai Barzilai; national halachic coordinator, Rabbi Naftali Halperin, and the volunteers who were the first to tend to the victims, dealt with a number of questions relating to the attack itself.





The Main Test of the Court's Fairness Towards Netanyahu

The regional Jerusalem court is at a crossroads. The Prosecutor's request to reformulate the case against Netanyahu is his big test whether he is truly interested in seeking the truth or will he buckle under the dictation of the prosecution to receive Netanyahu's head at any cost?

Shlomo Filber, witness for the prosecution, was supposed to be the central witness in Case 4000. The most significant event which Filber testified to dealt with the "briefing session" which he had with Netanyahu where the latter directed him to operate in the framework of his position as CEO of the Communications Ministry in a way that would benefit the accused, Elowitz.





The Journey From Leil Haseder To Kabolas HaTorah

A Shmuess Delivered By HaRav Shlomo Brevda on Chol Hamoed Pesach 5753 At Beis Haknesses "Tiferes Shlomo", Har-Nof, Yerushalayim. We first published it the same year.

Part I

Akdomus Milin

I know very well that on Chol Hamoed, people want to hear divrei Torah that gladden the heart. Nevertheless, I have been taught by my teachers zt'l, that in these latter generations the community lacks understanding of even the most basic foundations of Torah. We cannot allow ourselves to speak to an audience about ordinary, pleasant ideas. After all, a person's desire to hear sweet and pleasant things really stems from the body's craving for sweet and pleasant things.

The body should not be a person's boss, controlling what he hears—the neshamah should be boss. In order to make the neshamah happy one has to say true—not necessarily sweet—things. Of course, in midyear one says them more sharply and on Yom Tov more pleasantly. We are living in times of emergency; we are getting near to the complete Geulah. ...





* * *

Mount Sinai?


From Our Archives

From Starobin to Brisk: The Life of the Gaon HaRav Michel Feinstein, zt'l, His First Yahrtzeit, 16th Iyar 5764

Prepared from Notes of his Talmidim by B. Re'eim

The first part discussed R' Yechiel Michel Feinstein's early years. He was born in Uzda and orphaned at the age of seven. He went to the yeshiva in Slutsk, where he heard shiurim from HaRav Aharon Kotler, zt"l. Later he went to Mir where even as a bochur he became one of the important figures in the yeshiva. Younger bochurim used to wait in line to speak with him. His rebbe, R' Isser Zalman Meltzer zt"l, suggested that he go to learn under the Brisker Rov, and he did so along with a small group from the Mir. The Rov was impressed with him immediately. After two years there, he returned to the Mir.


At that time, Reb Michel received a conscription order from the army. Near Grodno there was a doctor who issued exemption papers and his only option was to travel there. On his way back to Mir, he stopped off in Grodno and learned there for approximately half a year. He would say that Torah's honor could be witnessed there. Half an hour before Reb Shimon's shiur was due to begin, everyone would be standing round the bimah waiting.

Yiddishkeit of Yesteryear: The Miracle on the Water - the Beck Family Goes to Eretz Yisrael

by Yisca Shimony

Beila Beck stood in the crowded room, her eyes shut tightly and her lips moving in a silent prayer. A baby cried and everyone called out joyfully, "Mazel Tov! Mazel Tov!" Beila opened her eyes and breathed a sigh of relief.

"Mazel Tov!" she echoed. She inched forwards and looked for her son Nissan, a lad of seventeen. She saw him standing at the entrance of the room, his face flushed, his eyes sparkling. "Mazel Tov!" she called to him and motioned to him to come nearer. She handed him some cookies and he took a few, said the brocho, hastily munched and swallowed, made an after-brocho and then left the room.


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