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At The Center of the Universe
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Moreh Nevuchim (Hebrew)
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Opinion: An Orchard of Ashera Trees Planted by the New Minister of Religions

The new Minister of Religions succeeded establishing himself as the spearhead of Yemina in the battle against chareidim. (Note: Rabbi Gafni claimed that Yemina's main policy goal is to minimize chareidi influence over Israeli life.) He seeks to amend the law of selecting dayanim preventing any chareidi representatives from being part of the committee for appointing dayanim. This has paved the way for Matan Kahane to appoint dayanim and, in the next stage, we expect, to appoint rabbonim as well coming from the Dati-Leumi sector, altogether counter to the Shulchan Oruch and the world of Halacha.




New Vaad Halochoh for Hospitals

In a most impressive gathering attended by members of the Vaad Halochoh in the home of HaRav Chaim Kanievsky and headed by him, a new Vaad Halochoh for Hospitals was created.

A partial list of issues connected to hospitals was discussed, after which HaRav Menachem Mendel Lubin spoke about the great need of establishing such a Vaad, especially in light of modern technology which presents many problems. He stressed the great necessity of uniting the rabbonim to act accordingly.

There is need to find suitable solutions to the spectrum of subjects which the Torah-observant public encounters in hospitals, both with Shabbos — such as security inspection on entry, different medical devices activated by electricity used by patients who are not in life-threatening situations, electric eye automatic doors, some of which ignite a red light upon approach. Then there are problems of yichud in x-ray chambers, purity for kohanim and many other subjects.





Warnings from the Chofetz Chaim about Disasters and Homes Becoming Burial Places

In 5685, when difficult events following in rapid succession, the Chofetz Chaim wrote his famous letter which reads:

"We have now heard distressing news about a terrible flood which occurred in our country and a major earthquake which took place in Russia, killing and injuring thousands of men, women, children and animals. Many found their burial under the ruins of their homes. Tremors of that earthquake were even felt in our country.





A Paragon of Self-Sacrifice — Yisroel Yaakov DeHaan

[This week we commemorate seventy (now ninety-seven) years since the shocking murder on 28 Sivan, 5684 (1924) of Dr. Yaakov Yisroel DeHaan z'l. We are presenting this article, written not long after the event by Rav Moshe Blau zt'l, as a memorial (excerpted from Kisvei Rebbe Moshe Blau).]

Every year we come to the Yahrtzeit of Dr. Yaakov Yisroel DeHaan z'l, the political director of Agudas Yisroel in Eretz Yisroel, who was murdered by his fellow Jews.





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From Our Archives

A Golden Heart

Fiction by Chaim Walder

This story elicited a very lively discussion about the behavior of the main characters.

Our wedding took place twenty years ago. The families of both of us did their utmost for our sakes. Each side gave what it could. We had a lovely wedding and our parents bought us a nice apartment. Life for us was a bed of roses.

Two weeks before the wedding, my chosson took me to his grandmother's -- a visit, he explained, was a tradition in the family.

As we sat on her porch, she handed me a beautifully wrapped box which contained a huge diamond ring. I didn't have to be a diamond expert in order to realize that this ring was very expensive.

Everyone gasped, while Bubby Chava simply said: "This is my gift to you."

The Orphan's Kaddish: A true story

by C. Regev

Part 2

Synopsis: Shloime, a nine-year-old orphan, experiences stage fright whenever he has to stand up and recite Kaddish for his mother. The arguments, back and forth, repeat themselves, and his father is at his wit's end.

"It isn't my fault that I'm not saying Kaddish. It's the fault of the people who are staring at me," he justified himself and knew what Abba would claim in response: "It's always easy to place the blame on someone else."

So why were they making this important task so difficult?


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