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The Center of the Universe
At The Center of the Universe
by Mordechai Plaut

Moreh Nevuchim (Hebrew)
Moreh Nevuchim (Hebrew)
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Advice from HaRav Chaim Kanievsky for Bein Hazmanim: Set Times for Torah

Hundreds of young men who are coming closer to the Torah way of life gathered on Monday in the Lederman shul in Bnei Brak to hear words of chizuk from HaRav Chaim Kanievsky shlita and others. Maran Sar HaTorah was present as can be seen in the picture. The young men all agreed to learn the laws of shmittah as HaRav Chaim recommended.

His son HaRav Shaul read a message of advice from his father:





The Main Aim of the Current Government is to Legitimize the Reform

In a special interview with Yated Ne'eman, Rabbi Yitzchok Pindrus, MK of United Torah Judaism from Degel HaTorah, explained that the current government, full of conflicts and disagreements, is based on one central pillar of agreement, and a secondary agreement. The main agreement is the desire to undermine the religious status quo and to legitimize the Reform movement, with getting rid of Bibi of only secondary importance.

"The media is not interpreting the events correctly," explains Rabbi Pindrus. "At least two of the central partners in the Coalition did not see getting rid of Netanyahu as a fundamental goal to fight for: Yemina and Ra'am...





The Israeli Rescue Delegation in Surfside Built a High Tech 3D Model of the Disaster

The search for survivors at Surfside was ended on Wednesday, as the effort shifted to a recovery operation. The death toll now stands at 54, with 86 people possibly unaccounted for.

The Israeli delegation from the Home Front Command says that according to its findings the number of missing that are under the rubble is much smaller than the official estimates and is only about 75.

The delegation from the Home Front Command brought along is Agamim system that can construct a three dimensional map of the site. The software allows them to locate each body and to recommend the best route for reaching it.





HaRav Chaim Kluft's Message for the Three Weeks

"They did not ask, Where is Hashem (found)?" Things happen. Whatever happens, there is immediate commentary. They will explain to you what was just said and what should be done now. Which commissions should be set up and which are the various special interests. They stuff us all the time with commentary. Even before davening, in the mailbox is already "the latest" about what is happening all over the world. What is this rasha planning and what will be in thirty years.

After all this avreichim come with tough questions, after they have read all the ads.

Don't read the ads! Think about what you want from life...





"Your Rod and Your Staff, They Shall Comfort Me"

Part I

The power of faith which is radiated by Jewish leaders warms, like the sun, and can affect even those far removed from the source.

In this series of articles, published in 1992, Rabbi Ben David scans the impressions and expressions of gedolei Yisroel in reaction to adverse situations involving themselves or others. Their clearcut outlook and approach is reflected. What did they say? How did they react? Why did they not sink into the depths of despair? From where did they draw the strength to continue?





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From Our Archives

The Kasztner Trial

by S. Fried

This article summarizes the events known as the Kasztner trial that took place in 1953, and exposed the calumny of some Zionist leaders who collaborated with the Germans.

"The year is 1953. I am 30 years old . . . One day Eli Malkiel Greenwald and his daughter Rina come to me . . . `Would you be able to take on Abba's defense?' asks Rina, showing me the indictment the State filed against her father . . . "

This is how Shmuel Tamir opens the story of his involvement in the trial that he managed to transform from "the Greenwald Trial" to "the Kasztner Trial." During the hearings, blame for the failure to save Hungarian Jewry during the Holocaust fell on Dr. Yisrael Kasztner, the Zionist leader in Nazi-held Budapest.

In his recently released autobiography Ben Ha'aretz Hazot, published years after his petiroh, celebrated attorney Shmuel Tamir provides a comprehensive review of the showcase trial that began half a century ago.

Chareidim and Geirim and the Jewish People

by Mordecai Plaut

There are a number of topics about which chareidim are criticized, even by their friends. This article is intended to give an exposition of the chareidi position and attitudes in several areas that seem to invite criticism that is based largely on misunderstanding of what we believe and false impressions of what we do (see box).

Chareidi Jewry Welcomes True Converts


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