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The Center of the Universe
At The Center of the Universe
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Moreh Nevuchim (Hebrew)
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HaRav Shimon Galai on Gratitude After Coronoa

This past Pesach I was reminded of a story told of HaRav Yechezkel Abramsky. We began our shmuess and HaRav Shimon nodded, asking us to tell it. It took place during an address in a shul in London when he said to his audience: "Let us contemplate on what you think when you come here, and what Dovid Hamelech thought when he went to the House of Hashem.

"You surely think that you are doing the greatest mitzvah to Hashem in coming, while Dovid Hamelech said: `As for me, it is with Your greatest kindness that I come to Your House.'

"This is how a Jew must think — that it is a kindness from Hashem that he be able to go and pray and study in a beis knesses."

HaRav Abramsky continued...





Post Coronoa: We Must Recognize What Happened

We don't assume the position of preachers, but it is amazing to see what seforim note, that the pogroms of Tach and Tat which broke out after a cholera epidemic, were blamed by the rabbonim of that era on the fact that the public was not grateful enough for the miracle of the decline of the terrible plague.

Similarly, in "Lehagid" by HaRav Shalom Schwadron, and in "Tuvcha Yabiu" by HaRav Yitzchok Zilberstein), it connects to the posuk "And they forgot the miracles which He showed them." Therefore it followed that, "Hashem heard and became angry and fire broke out by Yaakov."

We, here in Israel, saw a tremendous salvation in the discovery of the vaccination, and at the time that we emerged from the dusk to the light, throughout the world people are still dying in the thousands and tens of thousands, day by day.





Satisfaction with the Vaccination of the Chareidi Community

A special gathering took place at the home of the Rosh Yeshiva, HaRav Gershon Eidelstein, attended by gedolei Yisroel, rabbonim and roshei yeshiva regarding a solution for the pressing problem of shidduchim. This gathering was initiated by the "Lev Echad" organization, established by HaRav Moshe Hillel Hirsch, rosh yeshiva of Slobodka in Bnei Brak, who has undertaken to solve the problem through various activities geared to ease the burden of parents seeking to find a suitable match for their children.





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From Our Archives

Letter by Letter: The Story of the Romm Publishing House and the Vilna Shas

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Everything you always wanted to know about the Shas that has become the Torah world standard.

A Jewel in the Crown of a Renowned Torah Center

Vilna won a reputation that outshone those of far larger and better-known communities, giving it the name, "the Yerushalayim of Lithuania." The community was renowned for its distinguished rabbonim, its numerous talmidei chachomim and its learned residents. The mere fact that the Gaon lived there would alone have sufficed to elevate the entire town and bring it renown.

One institution that was an integral component of Vilna's intense Torah life was the printing house of the Widow and Brothers Romm. It made a sweeping and pivotal contribution to the Torah world that remains with us to this day.

In recording Vilna's eminence among other communities, a contemporary writer noted the role played by this printing house in achieving the town's renown. He writes that, "Vilna's great fortune -- and an important factor in its fame -- were its printing houses, which distributed the largest and most important body of literature in our lives -- rabbinical and scholarly literature, from prayer books to the large, handsome Shas -- to every country and town where Jews dwelled. The Widow and Brothers Romm operated the largest printing house, store and publishing business in Jewry in those days. It was almost a national institution. Whenever it was mentioned, nobody thought of it as an enterprise that was run by ordinary people. It seemed to have been in existence forever."


by Sudy Rosengarten

Part I

The children were finally asleep. Meyer was visiting his parents. I relished being alone to lie reading in bed. There was a knock at the door. I looked in surprise at my watch. In Israel, eleven o'clock was late for visitors.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"It's Shloime; your husband just called. He said to tell you to come to the Home immediately."

Without a phone of our own, we depended on the Gottfrieds to be our answering service. I discounted the sharpness in Shloime's voice; he'd probably been pulled out of bed to relay the message and would now have to climb three flights of steps to get back into it again. For that matter, I was a little annoyed myself. It wasn't often that I could enjoy a book; most of the time, as soon as I started reading, my eyes would close.

I got up and got dressed.


Av, 5765 - Kislev 5766 (August-December 2005)