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The Center of the Universe
At The Center of the Universe
by Mordechai Plaut

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"Hashem is Speaking to Us through Rocket Attacks and Suffering"

"As we find ourselves standing before the Day of Judgment, anyone with a bit of sense cannot help feeling awed and shiver with fear. When HaRav Chaim of Volozhin gave a talk in Elul, he began with the words of Dovid Hamelech, "My flesh bristled with fear and I was frightened of Your judgments," — and fainted away. Anyone who feels no fear is in a bad situation." These words were spoken by HaRav Yaakov Eidelstein in a special chizuk assembly in Yeshivas Mir in Jerusalem to an audience of thousands.

Archaeological Find

An archaeological excavation in the City of David in Silwan revealed a small structure which may possibly have served as a speakers' podium in the times of the Second Beis Hamikdash. The dig, carried on by the Antiquities Authority and funded by the Elad Foundation, is taking place inside a large tunnel under the Herodian street ascending from the Shiloach pool towards Har Habayis.

Jewish Tombstones found in Jordanian Building

Fragments of tombstones belonging to Jews buried a century ago were discovered in an exploratory dig in East Jerusalem. The tombstones were apparently taken from the cemetery on Har Hazeisim from the period of Jordanian rule over that area to serve as building stones.

Tunnel Found Beneath Rockefeller Museum

The Jerusalem Police is investigating a suspicious tunnel discovered under the Rockefeller Museum in East Jerusalem. Among other things, it is thought that this tunnel was built to break into the museum for the theft of antiquities. The mouth of the tunnel was discovered in a private home next to the museum. Its length is about thirty meters.

The Awe of HaRav Shach zt"l

As we set out to do cheshbon nefesh and teshuvoh we must know it is possible. Although the obligation to do teshuvoh lies deep, deep down, it is still within reach.

HaKodosh Boruch Hu is not severely critical of his creatures. He sustains us. He is the One Who gives us the strength and the tools to study His Torah and keep His mitzvas. And His demands are in accordance with the strength and possibilities He gives us. Not beyond that.

From Our Archives

Mother's Hours

Fiction by Chaim Walder

Kovod av vo'eim is compared to kovod Hashem. To open our hearts to Hashem for teshuvoh it may be necessary to open our hearts to our parents. - Editor

Fiction with an important lesson.

Opinion and Comment

The Merit Of Children's Teachers

by Rav Yehoshua Sklar

There is a wonderful gemora in Taanis (24).

"Rav came to a certain place. He decreed a fast day but no rain fell. A shaliach tzibbur went down [to lead the prayers] before him. When he said the words, `Who makes the wind blow,' the wind blew. When he said, `Who makes the rain fall,' the rain fell.

"Rav asked him, `What is your occupation?'

"He said, `I am a children's teacher and I make no distinction between the children of the rich and the children of the poor. I take nothing from whoever can't afford to pay. I have pools of fish and I use them to bribe anyone who doesn't want to read, so that they'll learn. I arrange and correct them until they come and read.' "


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