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The Center of the Universe
At The Center of the Universe
by Mordechai Plaut

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Rundown of Week's Anti-Religious Laws

One City Rav Instead of Two

The Ministerial Legislative Committee approved this Monday a bill to appoint only one chief municipal rav instead of the two who have served until now, one Ashkenazi and the other Sephardi. The proposal also limits their tenure to ten years, with a possible second ten year term.

"Bnei Torah" Representative Tries to Block a Building of Yeshivas Orchos Torah in Bnei Brak

One of the representatives of the Bnei Torah party in Bnei Brak (known colloquially as "Eitz") has appealed above the heads of the Bnei Brak city council to protest the building of a beis medrash for Orchos Torah, one of the major yeshivas of Bnei Brak which is under the supervision of HaRav Shteinman. After the first stage was approved, Moshe Malachi sent an urgent letter protesting the later stages that are still in planning.

To Love Every Jew and Refrain from Machlokes

In the wake of the recent elections, schisms have manifested themselves amongst many families. This, understandably, is causing baseless hatred and destruction of families. It is therefore a mitzvah to publicize the following:

The Chofetz Chaim ruled, in the end of his Ahavas Chessed, in the essay Margenisa Tovo, (Os 17) and quoted by the Chazon Ish (Yoreh Dei'ah, siman B, end of S"K 28) that in our times, there do not exist people who are qualified to reprove, so that there is a prohibition of `hating your brother' which applies to every Jew. It is a mitzvas asei to love every single Jew, and one must flee from argument and dissension, as HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman wrote in his letter on the eve of the elections.

HaRav Shlomo Eiger, zt"l, Rov of Posen

In Honor of his Yahrtzeit, 11 Teves 5612

Rabbi Shlomo was the successor of his father, the renowned Rabbi Akiva Eiger zt"l of Posen.

Before leading his son to the chuppah on his wedding day, Rabbi Akiva Eiger placed both his hands on the chosson's head and blessed him, as is customary.

From Our Archives

Opinion and Comment
On the Kollelim and Their Survival

by Rabbi N. Z. Grossman

Hard Times

A number of articles have already appeared in these columns about the present government's use of selective cutbacks in welfare payments and other governmental allocations to strike at the Torah community in general and the kollelim in particular. Many in the secular world hope that the severe financial hardship thus fostered will, "draw avreichim out [i.e. of kollel] into the workforce." This is a step towards attainment of their long cherished goal of the chareidi community's "integration" (meaning assimilation) within general Israeli society.

Opinion and Comment
Mass Aliyah to Israel is Obsolete

by Mordecai Plaut

As we noted last week, the only long-term solution to the demographic threat that faces Israel is children and more children. Chazal said, "If there are no young kids, there are no adult goats" (Yerushalmi Sanhedrin 10:2). If we want to have people in the future to perpetuate the Jewish people and the Jewish mission in the world, we must have children now.


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