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14 Adar 5772 - March 8, 2012 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly

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Fraudulent Sifrei Torah, Tefillin and Mezuzas
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The products of safrus — Sifrei Torah, tefillin and mezuzas — were printed onto parchment and sold as the real thing, according to an investigation conducted by Rabbi Yisroel Friedman and Benny Rabinowitz of the Hebrew Yated Ne'eman's Shabbos Kodesh Supplement. The same sofer also published a Tikkun Soferim that has mistakes in it that render any sefer Torah non-kosher that was written using it as a guide.

Rain and Kinneret Watch
by Dei'ah Vedibur Staff

As of March 7 (14 Adar) 597 millimeters of rain had fallen in the Jerusalem area during the current season (August 1 to date). This represents 132% of the average rainfall for this period and 111% of the average rainfall for the entire season in the Jerusalem area which is 537 mm.

HaRav Shteinman Calls for Chizuk During Purim as Merit for HaRav Eliashiv's Recuperation
by Yechiel Sever

The Rosh Yeshiva, HaRav Yehuda Leib Shteinman shlita, wrote a letter published this week in Yated Ne'eman on the power of tefilloh, particularly for a person whose Torah scholarship is so widely needed. In the letter HaRav Shteinman stressed the importance, during Purim and Taanis Esther, of augmenting Torah study and tefilloh as a merit for the rapid recovery of Maran HaRav Yosef Sholom Eliashiv shlita.

Ramat Gan Postal Workers Refuse to Distribute Missionary Pamphlets
By Y. Schwartz

Dozens of workers at the Ramat Gan branch of Israel Postal Service sanctified the Name of Heaven when they refused to distribute missionary material to thousands of mailboxes.

The Admor of Nadvorna zt"l
By S. Bruchi

The Jewish world was cloaked in mourning after the Admor of Nadvorna, HaRav Yaakov Yissochor Ber Rosenbaum zt"l returned his soul, purified through suffering, to his Maker Thursday morning at the age of 82, after heading Nadvorna institutions for 34 years.

The Michtav Sofer, HaGaon Reb Shimon Sofer, zt,"l, of Cracow
In honor of his yahrtzeit: 17 Adar

Cracow's Jewish elders sat in silence, mulling over the situation. Things were looking bleak since they had been left without a rov. The Haskalah movement was taking advantage of the leaderless city and was enticing youngsters to join their reforms and schools of thought. All too swiftly they were gaining a sure foothold in Cracow and the city's leaders had now convened to make a final decision on choosing a new rov. Representatives of all the different sectors of Cracow's religious Jews were present, each suggesting someone agreeable to their particular group. They had come to no conclusion.

From Our Archives

Master Of The Talmud: The Antwerpen Rov, HaRav Chaim Kreiswirth, zt'l

by Rabbi Aryeh Gefen

HaRav Chaim Kreiswirth knew all of Shas, both Bavli and Yerushalmi, word for word, with Rashi and Tosafos. He was a master of the entire Talmud. Throughout his life, he continued reviewing and sharpening his knowledge, always with the same joy and vitality. He would review page after page of gemora, accurately quoting each statement together with its source, "Rovin bar Rav Ada said in the name of Rav Yitzchok . . . "

Opinion & Comment
The Nisoyon of Parnossoh

by HaRav Moshe Schwab, zt"l

Surroundings where the concealment of Hashem is much more evident than His Shechinoh, tempt man to mistake the laws of nature as having the ability to save him. Nonetheless, one who is strong in his belief will courageously look only towards Hashem as his single source of salvation. Only Hashem can shield him from his troubles.

When man will succeed in conquering the darkness of misguided trusts, he will earn a completely elevated type of wealth: a great treasury of spiritual assets, which he can even pass on to his children. As Reb Chaim Volozhiner zt"l explains on the posuk, "Mis'halech betumo tzaddik, ashrei bonov acharov" (Mishlei 20:7): "The middos which the tzaddik toils to acquire during his lifetime will become second nature to his children." (Ruach Chaim on Avos 5:4)

Opinion & Comment
The Fall of the Mighty

by Mordecai Plaut

In July 1985, Enron was formed from the merger of Houston Natural Gas and InterNorth of Omaha, Nebraska, two gas pipeline companies that made a boring but steady income from transporting natural gas from the wells to the consumers.


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