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Thousands at a Prayer and Protest Rally, an Outcry Against the Decree of a Bnei Yeshiva Draft

On Monday morning thousands gathered at Kikar Shabbos in Jerusalem to protest the discussions in the Knesset about replacing the Tal Law with a plan that will draft yeshiva students. Maran HaRav Eliashiv and the Rosh Yeshiva HaRav Aharon Shteinman said that chareidi politicians should refuse to take part in any discussion of drafting yeshiva students. A Knesset committee is continuing hearings about what should replace the Tal Law that was struck down by the High Court.

"Bnei Torah Constitute the Right of Existence in the Holy Land"

HaRav Gershon Eidelstein spoke to several Torah figures who visited his home this week regarding the government threats to draft bnei yeshiva, saying, "We must all acknowledge the fact that we do not survive through natural means, for we are surrounded by hundreds of millions of enemies and it is obvious that our existence is in the merit of bnei Torah who grant us the right of survival."

An Interview With Rabbi Moshe Gafni

A Decision on the Subject of Reform `Conversion' Bears Out the Majority Secular Stand in the Supreme Court This past week, a battle was being waged by the chareidi representation in the Knesset against the government advocacy and in its wake, against the Supreme Court, which ordered salaries to be paid to Reform and Conservative rabbis. The inevitable question arises: Why must we deal with this band of clowns, whose support within the Israeli public is almost nonexistent? What would happen if those `rabbis', or as some people prefer to call them, community leaders, received salaries from the government budget?

This Week: Huge Reforms in Public Transportation in North and Central Jerusalem

After five years of planning, the bus routes in the northern and central chareidi neighborhoods of Jerusalem will undergo major changes, beginning Friday, the 9th of Tammuz (29/6/12). Six new lines will be launched and two will undergo changes to replace the five routes which will be discontinued. Sixteen other lines will also undergo changes in their routes.

HaRav Rabbi Shlomo Kluger, zt"l of Brod
In honor of his yahrtzeit 30 Sivan

From the age of six, Rabbi Shlomo's whole being was only Torah. It was at that tender age that he wrote his first chidushim and from there his life was one long ascent in Torah learning.

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