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A Call From The Rabbonim Of Har Nof For Fitting Transportation

By Yechiel Sever


28 Cheshvan 5768

We want to alert the religious community to the importance and urgency of arranging suitable transportation, in accordance with halochoh, for those riding the buses from our neighborhoods of Har Nof and Givat Shaul, in keeping with the dictates of holiness and modesty and preventing the most serious possible mishaps, which cannot be specified here, that result from traveling on buses that are crammed to overflowing with passengers. Anyone who is concerned with his children's education and future knows how great the dangers are, particularly on the number fifteen bus route, for reasons that are readily understandable.

Boruch Hashem, since several distinguished activists from our neighborhoods, whose motivations are pure, have entered the picture -- who are working in accordance with our wishes and acting as our emissaries, consulting the neighborhood rabbonim every step of the way -- we have merited, with Heaven's help, the introduction of the Fifteen A bus route, which travels directly to Geulah along a suitable route. Unfortunately, at present this route runs only several times a day. Hopefully a decision will soon be made to institute it as a fully active route, at all hours of the day.

To this end we repeat our resolute demand to the heads of Egged and any other parties with power to take action that as a large population consisting of several thousand households, beli ayin hora, who make frequent use of public transport, the Fifteen A route be immediately made into a route running at regular intervals all day long, allowing all the worthy residents of our neighborhoods, both old and young, the opportunity to travel in a way that does not clash with the requirements of our holy Torah, in the same way that similar routes have boruch Hashem been operating successfully in many other neighborhoods of Yerushalayim for a long time.

We call upon the residents of our holy neighborhoods to continue using the befitting Fifteen A route. Obviously, at times when there is a suitable alternative, other routes should not be used. Whoever is able to take action and assist the activists in their efforts to arrive at a complete solution, should do everything possible, for this matter is of the utmost importance to us and it affects our children's futures. Neighborhood residents should make a point of men and women sitting in separate sections of the bus to whatever extent possible and of women boarding the bus at the back door only.

Happy is the lot of all who try to adhere to this request to travel and to take action in support of this sublime goal. They should be blessed with everything good and have much pleasure and holy satisfaction from all their offspring, be'ezras Hashem yisborach. The merit of improving the public's situation will stand them in good stead forever.

We affix our signatures on the tenth of Kislev 5768,

I am a partner in what the rabbonim say. Their words need no reinforcement. Everyone should help and there will be'ezras Hashem be great success. Awaiting Heaven's mercy, Moshe Sternbuch

Yitzchok Mordechai Hacohen Rubin

Mordechai Shlomo Steinmetz

Dov Landau

David Yosef

Shlomo Zafrani

Meir Tzvi Fisher

Chanoch Friedman

Moshe Chaim Geldzahler

Yisroel Aryeh Weisman

Yosef Asher Neumann


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