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Big Families: The Joy of the Blessing
by Esther Weil

"They contribute, they participate, they do, they bring up, they help."

Who are they?

That's how Hadassa (not her real name) describes children of families blessed with many children. Our generation has merited a real blessing, a blessing of children; families with fourteen or eighteen children are not rare.

Mathematics, The Queen of Sciences
by A. Ross

Gone are the days when every school child could say their tables almost in their sleep. Yet children who have been trained to learn the tables by heart, have a great advantage over the others. They can do multiplication and division in their heads.

The Jellyfish
by W. G.

The jellyfish have arrived. Last year they were all large and bright blue with a navy blue edge. This year, they range from very small to very large. Their color ranges from an opaque white to a pale blue mixed with a transparent white, to a uniform dull darkish blue. The only constant factor is their sting.

Marriage Tips
by Raizel Foner

"Dina, Mazel Tov! I was thrilled to hear that you're engaged! I'm so flattered that you've made the time to come visit me — I'm sure you're incredibly busy with all the preparations."

The Transformation
by A. Reader

Joni left us to go to yeshiva after Pesach when he was not quite seventeen. He was to be away till the following Pesach and I cried bitter tears. He was still such a baby and had never been away from home before. The oldest of 11 children, he was also the most demanding and the most difficult. What would he eat? He was a terribly fussy eater.

Sasson v'Simchah
by Dena Newman

Part I

"If you have been dating for a few years and haven't been able to develop a connection with anyone after several dates, it's possible that a dating mentor can help you." That is how psychotherapist Rosie Einhorn and family lawyer Sherry Zimmerman see it.

by Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

The unique sulfur compounds found in garlic promote antioxidant activity and function as powerful antibacterial and antiviral agents. These compounds, such as allicin, help reduce blood pressure, decrease LDL cholesterol and join forces with vitamin C to help kill harmful microbes and protect against colon cancer (1 oz. of garlic contains 15 percent of the daily value (DV) for vitamin C).

Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

I am constantly asked about natural remedies and indeed, I always express concern. These medications are rarely tested like conventional drugs, and we do not know if they are safe. A further problem, and one I want to speak about today, is combining these medications with other drugs. We do not know what could happen with a lot of these medications.


The Dance of the Tide
by Sara Gutfreund

The sand stretches before me like a golden blanket
I can see the outlines of my children on the horizon
They are so small next to the vastness of the waters
I walk slowly towards them as the tide
Rolls in and covers my footprints

I spot a seashell
It is a faded pink shard
Smooth and cool to the touch
I hold it in my hands

The children are splashing now
Soon they will want to swim
Don't go, I want to shout
But I don't

I let the wind encircle me as I squeeze the shell in my hand
And then I lean towards the water and place the shell into a gentle wave
It falls back into the ocean, back into the eternal swirl of the waters
As it disappears, I stand at the edge of this long, hazy summer day
And gaze at my children from afar

They are growing now
And I can see them trying to stand amid the crashing waves
The sun begins to set, turning the water into a mirror of fire
I whisper a prayer as my children begin to swim
Hashem, You teach us that everything has its time
A time to hold
A time to let go
Teach me the dance of the tide
I need to learn how to let go of the shore


by Hinde Gordon

At the Kosel
At Kever Rochel
On Shabbos
On Yom Tov
On Yom Kippur Kotton
During davening
Many places
Many times

Feeling the sun
Feeling the rain
Feeling the wind
On my face
In my heart
Seeing the stars
Seeing the clouds
Scudding along the brilliant sky

Living In Eretz Yisroel
In Yerushalayim
With my family
The Jews
The people
You have chosen
The people
You love

I feel something
But what is it?

It is His Presence
Pressing in on me
Until I am
Pressing in on me
Until I am
Pressing in on me
Until I am
Filled with love

So what is it,
That love?

It is
That You are

The Creator
The Master
The King of Kings
The Omnipotent One
Who touches me
Who guides me
Who helps me
Who protects me
Who saves me

You are the One
Who is always there for me

In times of joy
In times of pain
In times of laughter
In times of suffering
In times of accomplishment
In times of catastrophe

You are always with me
Even in the bitter exile
You are here with me
And it is good
You are good
The Giver of goodness
Always giving
Forever giving

You are
You have always been
You will always be
My Creator
My Master My King

In fear and trembling
In joy and love
You are HaKodosh Boruch Hu
And I
Your servant

This is love
Thank you

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