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Event for Nesivos Moshe Parents and Students as School Sends Forth Third Graduating Class

By A. Cohen

Hundreds of parents and students from Nesivos Moshe in Kadima, a Torah-based school started by the Nesivos Moshe Foundation and Chinuch Atzmai, gathered for an end-of-the- year party held at the local community center.

The evening opened with a speech by the moro de'asra HaRav Moshe Mordechai Tobias, who spoke of the gratification he feels as a result of the strengthening of Torah in the town, due in part to the school's flourishing.

HaRav Tobias said that the degree of success in instilling Torah and yiras Shomayim is not measured when the student is at the yeshiva or talmud Torah but when he leaves its gates. He ended by wishing the graduating class success in their yeshiva studies.

The principal, Rav Yosef Knepfelmacher, provided a short survey of the educational activities over the course of the year and discussed the idea behind a project the eighth grade class worked on during the last month of the school year.

Deputy Council Head Mr. Yitzchok Glam spoke about the local council's support of the school's activities. Rav Knepfelmacher thanked Mr. Glam in the name of the school board for helping the school and helping make the event possible.

Speaking for Chinuch Atzmai, Rabbi Avrohom Yosef Lazerson opened with a group prayer for the safety of Jews in the North and soldiers in Lebanon. Then he discussed the sanctity of the education of tinokos shel beis rabbon and encouraged the hundreds of traditional parents returning to their roots, saying it was a great merit for them to see their children leave the decaying secular school system and return to the "source of living waters" to learn the ways of Hashem. He also praised the principal and the teaching staff for their fabulous dedication.

Following an impressive sound-and-light presentation of their final project, the students received certificates of completion from the principal and teacher.

Mr. Shmuel Ben Tolilah, representing the alumni, shared memories of his son's years at the school and expressed hopes that his son and the other alumni would continue along the path on which the school set them. Representatives of the Parents' Committee then gave out gifts to all of the staff members as a sign of appreciation.


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