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Ziv Hatorah's 15th Yarchei Kalloh in Manchester

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Rabbi Leib Goldberg of the Choshen Mishpat Kollel was a speaker at the 15th Annual Yarchei Kalloh of Ziv HaTorah (Manchester). His topic was the famous case that occurred several years ago when a well-meaning person threw out the contents of a neighbor's freezer that had decomposed due to a power cut, not realizing that he was throwing out his neighbor's life savings. Rabbi Goldberg analyzed the case masterfully in the light of the laws of mazik and shomrim.

The three-day event took place in the Stenecourt Beis Hamedrash during the December bank holidays and was attended by sixty people. An idea of the event's popularity can be gauged from the fact that a solicitor from Sheffield made the eighty mile round trip each day in order to attend. On the last day the time he had to travel was doubled due to inclement weather.

The main theme of the three-day event was the sugya of Chanukah in masechta Shabbos. Shiurim on the Daf were given by Rabbi Moshe Santhouse (principal of Ziv HaTorah), Rabbi Doniel Orzel (rosh kollel Pinto) and Rabbi Efraim Hochhauser (maggid shiur Yeshivas Ohr Torah). Rabbi Shlomo Hoff (rav of Ohel Torah) discussed medical procedures on Shabbos. The shiur on the parsha was delivered by Rabbi Shlomo Angel (mashgiach of Yeshivas Ezras Torah). Rabbi Mordechai Steinberg, Rabbi Shimon Kaplan and Rabbi Avigdor Roth spoke on Chanukah themes. The first two spoke on the moral lessons to be learned and the latter spoke on halachic issues.

Rabbi Chaim Rapoport, principal of Machon Mayim Chaim, came especially from London to address the gathering. In his first shiur he discussed the pros and cons of adopting chumros in both personal and communal areas. In his second shiur, entitled "Whose body is it anyway?" he developed the theme that the basis of Jewish bio-ethics is the axiom enunciated by the Radvaz and Shulchan Oruch HaRav that a person's relationship to his body is one of custodian rather than owner.

Dr. Avraham Meyer, kashrus consultant in food technology and head of European Operations for the Orthodox Union in America spoke on technical problems in kashrus.


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