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Newly-published shiurim of HaRav Shach zt"l on Yevomos. At the right is the front page of the new volume, and at the left is a page from one of Rabbenu's notebooks that was written around 1920 (5680), when he was around 20.

Amir Peretz won a surprise victory in the vote for leader of the Labor Party. Getting only 42 percent of the vote, he edged out Shimon Peres, the perennial loser. Yated's headline was: "Peretz Wins; Sharon Loses." Peretz's first promise is to take Labor out of the government and hold new elections as soon as possible. The revolution in Labor, which now presents an alternative to Likud, may force a closing of ranks within Likud. Under a real threat, the Likud "rebels" can no longer afford the luxury of fighting their own leader.

Dirshu founder and president Rabbi Dovid Hofstedter was present at each of the four locations in Eretz Yisroel— Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Haifa and Ashdod—where the first admission exams were taken for the Kinyan Shas examination program. Gedolei Torah and roshei yeshivos honored the thousands of avreichim who took the exams by attending the events and addressing the avreichim. Shown are HaRav Shmuel Halevi Wosner addressing the meeting in Yerushalayim at the Ohr Elchonon yeshiva. Seated is HaRav Moshe Chodosh, rosh yeshiva of Ohr Elchonon.

Al-Qaida claimed responsibility for the bombing of three luxury hotels in Amman that left 67 dead and over 300 wounded. Jordan sealed shut all its borders and closed all banks and institutions, effectively paralyzing the country. According to receptionists at the Hyatt one of the suicide bombers spoke an Iraqi dialect. Jordanian exile Abu Mussaab al Zarqawi was behind the attacks. King Hussein noted that the victims were all Arab and primarily Jordanian, and the attack had nothing to do with the West.


Home Affairs

Chareidi Population, Bli Ayin Hora

By the year 2020, the chareidi population of Israel will double to one million and make up 17 percent of the total population, Hebrew University demographer Professor Sergio DellaPergola told the Knesset's Interior and Environmental Affairs Committee.

Mayors and heads of city councils from Beitar Illit, Bnei Brak, Beit Shemesh and other chareidi towns who attended the committee said that the state had not allotted enough land for housing nor had it supplied sufficient infrastructure for religious services and education.

DellaPergola said that presently the chareidi public made up about 11 percent of the Jewish population in Israel, or 550,000 individuals.

Public Corruption

Despite outcries by State Comptroller Micha Lindenstrauss, the Airports Authority in October employed 829 workers who were related to at least one other employee. He reiterated that the main thrust of his seven-year tenure will be the battle against corruption in the public sector.

Work on Mount

A group of Israeli archaeologists has condemned the Wakf's planned renovation work on an ancient tower adjacent to the Temple Mount, warning that such a move is part of a long-running plan by the Islamic Trust to extend Muslim control over the site.

The area in question, known as Hatuniyah, lies adjacent to the southern wall of the Temple Mount just outside the ancient compound.

Water Quality

Improved performance by Mekorot and local authorities in looking after the purity of water supplies was the reason given by the Health Ministry for the significant reduction in polluted water samples taken in most parts of the country.

Only 432 samples (0.48 percent) had unacceptably high levels of contaminants, and most of the polluted samples were from the Safed, Kinneret, Nazareth and Hadera districts.

75 percent to 80 percent of all Israelis get drinking water fluoridated at the proper level to improve dental health. This is double the rate of a decade ago.

Ancient Stone Found

Archaeologists have discovered a 40-pound stone containing the oldest known Hebrew letters. The stone was found in the wall of an ancient building near Jerusalem. The find shows that the Hebrew alphabet was recognizable at least 3,000 years ago.

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Community News

Prague Jewish Community

Frantisek Banyai was elected, by a wide majority, as chairman of Prague's Jewish community. The community has been plagued by internal strife for over a year, which Banyai and his supporters hope will end with the elections. Banyai and the board were elected through 2008.

Memories of Shanghai

Former Jewish refugees and their old Chinese neighbors gathered in the Ohel Moshe Synagogue in Tilanqiao area, which hosted the largest Jewish community in World War II, to recall their shared memories of friendship through hard times.

Shanghai received nearly 20,000 Jewish refugees during WWII. Many arrived thanks to Ho Feng-shan, the former Chinese consul-general in Vienna, Austria, who issued thousands of visas to Shanghai for Jewish refugees.

California's New Textbooks

The state of California adopted new textbooks that clarify Jewish issues. Textbook publishers have agreed to nearly 1,000 edits and corrections, removing bias against Judaism or inaccuracies in their depiction of Jewish history in their instructional materials, as a condition for adoption by California.

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