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Your Medical Questions Answered!
by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Director, Emergency Services, Bikur Cholim Hospital

Dyslexics are people who occasionally translocate letters or words, meaning that reading abilities might be impaired. These people are not slow or stupid. On the contrary, most have above average intelligence. There are many therapies available now to deal with this. Now they say there is a genetic basis for dyslexia.

Genetics play a serious role in lots of diseases: heart disease, some cancers, the susceptibility to cancer, abuse, alcoholism, some skin diseases, obesity and probably dental diseases as well, just to name a few. However, all maladies of life cannot be linked to genes, and indeed, you can always modify things. For example, those with a bad gene for dental disease should have frequent dental care and be very careful about dental hygiene. Those with colon cancer or polyposis of the colon should have frequent colonoscopies.

Kids will swallow just about anything — and coins are the most frequent. It seems that new research confirms what I always thought. Many of these can be observed, depending on where they are found in the gastrointestinal tract. Generally, all that clear the stomach will clear all the way. By the way, there are many cases of razor blades and open safety pins that have passed without incident — but do not take chances!

Skin cancer is on the rise and we have spoken about this in the past. While most skin cancers are easily treated and come with age, melanoma is the dangerous one and the only one that frequently kills. A black mole with irregular borders is the tell-tale sign, but a skin doctor should be consulted. Write me in care of the Yated.

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