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Rabbonim Call on Public to Support UTJ List

By Betzalel Kahn and Tzvi Sofer

Maranan verabonon including HaRav Eliashiv shlita have issued a holy call to vote and promote only the United Torah Judaism list, which appears as a gimmel on ballot slips, in the Knesset elections scheduled to take place on Tuesday.

Under the heading, "Mi LeHashem Eileinu," the charged announcement points out that fateful matters affecting fundamental elements of Judaism hang in the balance in the current elections, including the survival of the holy yeshivas and the sanctity of Shabbos Kodesh.

In the notice gedolei Yisroel shlita write, "Every effort must be made to strengthen the bounds of Judaism to put a stop to every vilifier who seeks to undermine the well- being and security of the inhabitants of Eretz Hakodesh. . . .

"We pray to Hashem Yisborach that those who vote for the UTJ and Shabbat - Gimmel list, which is true to Hashem and His Torah, and which unites different groups to achieve its supreme goal, working as one in these difficult times and increasing activists and warriors for our Holy Torah and for kodshei Yisroel in the traditional Jewish spirit with love and brotherhood, peace and friendship, may they be blessed with children, life and sustenance and all blessings from the Source of Blessings and may all who vote for United Torah Judaism and Shabbat - Agudas Yisroel Degel HaTorah, whose symbol is Gimmel, be blessed with all the blessings written in the Torah."

The UTJ campaign headquarters notes that everyone can daven for the success of the list.

The United Torah Judaism and Shabbat Publicity Bureau strongly denounced the inappropriate and deceitful use of UTJ's campaign slogan for the chareidi sector, "Mishpachah Yehudit Gedolah" ("A Big Jewish Family").

The slogan was conceived by the Bolton advertising agency and drew widespread praise and popularity, but was later used by interested figures wholly unassociated with UTJ.

"This was an initiative by a known figure," said the UTJ Publicity Bureau, "who is calling on all of the religious and chareidi parties to form a bloc that he says would only enter the coalition together." According to the Publicity Bureau the initiative failed in the previous term when the National Religious Party decided to tie its fate to the Sharon-Shinui government, despite repeated requests by UTJ not to join.

Now an individual is trying to revive the idea on his own initiative by placing the symbols for UTJ, Shas, and NRP- HaIchud HaLeumi under the campaign slogan on posters.

"Regardless of the initiative itself and the decision of whether to join it or not, a decision that will be made only by the navigators of the United Torah Judaism and Shabbat list, gedolei Yisroel shlita, this constitutes unacceptable use of a party slogan that nobody has the right to use," said Publicity Bureau Chairman Rabbi Yaakov Litzman, who heads the UTJ list, adding that he intends to seek legal advice on the matter.


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