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Krias Kodesh for the United Torah Judaism and Shabbos - Agudas Yisroel Degel HaTorah List Issued by Maranan Verabonon Gedolei Vetzadikei Hador Shlita

Be'ezras Hashem Yisborach, Adar 5766

Mi LeHashem Eileinu

We are seeking our Jewish brethren and turn to all yirei'im vechareidim ledevar Hashem with a call for chizuk and ziruz as the Knesset elections scheduled for 28 Adar of this year approach, for fateful matters relating to the principles and foundations of Judaism, the existence of the holy yeshivas and the sanctity of Shabbos in Eretz Hakodesh hang in the balance along with other matters that relate to Klal Yisroel who cling to Toras Yisroel — ki hee chayeinu ve'orech yomeinu.

In these times of frequently recurring difficulties, Hashem yeracheim, as well as spiritual and physical perils, the sword of [security] threats and terrorist attacks lurks outside while sinners rise up from within, to our sorrow who, instead of strengthening the fences of the religion in order to stop every threat to the peace and security of the residents of the Holy Land, they seek to uproot the foundations of Judaism, to turn Shabbos into a weekday choliloh, to impair the uniqueness of Am Yisroel, to increase haughtiness, to constrict lomdei Torah, to scheme against pure education, and the standing of the rabbinate and kashrus and the purity of Jewish lineage and they even look with disfavor upon yaldei Yisroel, for in recent years they have gone so far as to take away their bread, bringing some to the point of poverty and want, Hashem yeracheim.

Therefore we are acting as the representatives of the earlier generations, the tzadikim and geonim of Eretz Hakodesh and from abroad, the cedars of Lebanon, the shepherds of Yisroel, zechusom yogen oleinu ve'al kol Yisroel, who made known their holy opinion, daas Torah, that one has an obligation to participate in the Knesset elections and to lend support to our representatives, shluchei derabbonon. We hereby call on all who are with Hashem wholeheartedly to gird their strength to act only for the success of the United Torah Judaism and Shabbat — Agudas Yisroel Degel HaTorah list, whose symbol is Gimmel, and which is under the authority of gedolei Torah and gedolei Chassidus, and nobody may exempt himself from this obligation.

We pray to Hashem Yisborach that those who vote for the UTJ and Shabbat-Gimmel list, which is true to Hashem and His Torah, and which unites different groups to achieve its supreme goal, working as one in these difficult times and increasing activists and warriors for our Holy Torah and for kodshei Yisroel in the traditional Jewish spirit with love and brotherhood, peace and friendship, may they be blessed with children, life and sustenance and all blessings from the Source of Blessings and may all who vote for United Torah Judaism and Shabbat-Agudas Yisroel Degel HaTorah, whose symbol is Gimmel, be blessed with all the blessings written in the Torah.

Yosef Sholom Eliashiv

Hakoton Moshe Yehoshua (Admor of Vishnitz)

Aharon Yehuda Leib Shteinman

Yaakov Aryeh Alter (Admor of Gur)

Hakoton Yissochor Dov (Admor of Belz)

Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz

Avrohom Yaakov, the son of morenu HaRav M.S.Y. of Sadigora (Admor of Sadigora)

Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg

Hakoton Tzvi Elimelech, the son of Kevod Kedushoso, Hagaon Hakodosh zt"l (Admor of Tzanz)

S.Y. Nissim Karelitz

Tzvi Markovitz

Hakoton Chaim Meir Yechiel Shapira (Admor of Naral)

Levi Yitzchok Horowitz of Boston (Admor of Boston)

Avrohom Yaakov Zalesnik

Nachum Dov Breyer (Admor of Boyan)

Chaim Kanievsky

Shmuel Auerbach

Binyomin Yehoshua Zilber (author of Oz Nidberu)

Yitzchok Sheiner

Eliyohu Shmuel Schmerler (rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Tzanz)

Gershon Edelstein

Meir Tzvi Bergman

Eliezer Berland (rosh yeshiva of Yeshivas Shuvu Bonim)

Nissim Toledano

Yehuda Addes

Nosson Tzvi Finkel


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