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UTJ Launches Election Campaign Across the Country

By Tzvi Sofer

A thousand buses traveling the roads will carry UTJ's message to various segments of the population around the country.

Opinion surveys commissioned by UTJ's publicity bureau indicate the party platform should be brought into every strata of Israeli society, where confusion and uncertainty abound and many voters feel disinclined to support any of the secular parties, creating an unprecedented number of undecided votes in the current campaign.

Even people who lead lives totally void of Torah and mitzvas, but who feel an affinity for Jewish tradition understand that only UTJ offers a solid anchor of truth, fairness and concern for the poor as well as the preservation of the country's Jewishness. This understanding has already been reflected in surveys giving UTJ six or seven votes in the 17th Knesset compared to five in the outgoing Knesset.

Voting experts say the chareidi sector must be sent a clear message that the vote of anyone who does not make the effort to vote as per directives issued by gedolei Yisroel, either due to laziness or for any other reason, will in effect by split by all of the other parties.

UTJ activists say that in the current election campaign the various parties are trying — even more than usual — to deflect attention from the main issues and to focus voters' interest on side issues. According to the UTJ election staff, non-chareidi voters do not face the threat of having their right to send their children to school or college denied if the party they vote for does not win, while the chareidi voter realizes the success of the UTJ list will have direct repercussions on the government's attitude toward chareidi education, yeshivas, kollelim, the rights of chareidi families and matters related to the sanctity of Am Yisroel.

Jerusalem will play a key role in the election campaign due to the large number of votes in the city's chareidi neighborhoods, therefore every effort must be made to mobilize the public and dispel voter apathy.

According to Staff Organization Chairman MK Rabbi Moshe Gafni, "We are currently in a new situation in which money is not needed, rather legal arrangements to uphold the status of the various institutions, from kindergartens, schools and talmudei Torah to seminaries, yeshivas and prevent the scheming that has been their lot recently. One or two additional mandates for UTJ can be fateful for the most basic things for the chareidi public."


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