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Warnings Against Firecrackers and Other Purim Dangers

By B. Kahn and G. Kleiman

As Purim draws near rescue services are issuing staunch warnings to parents not to allow their children to possess firecrackers and other items that pose a safety hazard.

Every year Magen David Adom and other emergency organizations handle dozens of frightful cases: serious burns and the loss of fingers and hands of children whose firecrackers exploded in their hands. In addition many adults suffer anxiety attacks due to the many explosive sounds in the streets.

Hatzoloh notes that many parents are simply unaware of the danger. "Unfortunately," says Hatzoloh Yisroel Chairman Rabbi Dovid Greenwald, "every year we encounter hundreds of emergencies around the country as a result of dangerous firecrackers. If we can prevent a portion of these frightful cases, or even save the loss of one hand, may this be our reward."

Magen David Adom and other rescue services are asking parents and teachers to caution students about the inherent danger and not to permit them to use firecrackers.

According to the Standards Institute, fireworks must be sold in packages marked with instructions and warnings. Caps should only be used in cap guns equipped with a red safety cap on the barrel and proper markings as required by law, and caps should not be kept in pockets or fired in proximity to ears or eyes.

Magen David Adom also warns that certain costumes and accessories have various hidden dangers and parents must be vigilant in safeguarding their children. Costumes made of non- flammable materials that meet safety standards are recommended and children in costume should be especially warned in advance to stay clear of sources of heat and fire.

If a costume catches fire chas vesholom, the victim should lie down on the ground and roll in dirt or sand, or the fire should be extinguished with large quantities of water or smothered with a wet blanket. In the event of burns, charred clothing should be removed and no oily ointments or creams should be applied; instead the site of the burn should be cooled with water and emergency aid should be sought.


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