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IDT Launches Drive to Hire 200 in Jerusalem This Month

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The Jerusalem offices of communications giant IDT Global launched a campaign to hire a minimum of 200 permanent new workers in the coming weeks to join the 850 employees already working at the company at that location.

IDT Global also recently embarked on a program to further improve conditions at its brand new state-of-the-art center in Jerusalem's Har Hotzvim Technology Park, overlooking the Begin Expressway. The new building contains a semi-Olympic size swimming pool, fitness center with personal trainer, eating facilities and ample parking, all open for free use by employees. All these facilities have separate hours for men and women. There are no mixed hours. There is also a daily daf yomi shiur on premises, and many different minyanim. There are separate men's and women's areas in the workplace itself. The company is offering a minimum salary of NIS 7,000 per month for many new jobs, in addition to regular bonuses, incentives and commissions.

"There are many, many highly skilled English speakers out there, and we are going to find them and bring them into IDT," commented Judy Lowy, IDT Director of Recruitment. "Top facilities and competitive salaries are complemented by our commitment to place people on long term career paths, allowing them to perform and progress in our company. We believe this will not be the last time that IDT increases its work force by 15 percent in one month!"

IDT has initiated a series of recent initiatives to spur employment. Daily paid-for-transport from Beer Sheva and Dimona has boosted the number of employees coming from the country's south, while helping to fight unemployment in that area. At the same time, a weekly recruitment event, held at the company's Jerusalem offices every Tuesday at 1:00 p.m., regularly attracts 50 or more potential employees. Other projects include free seminars open to the general public and a campaign to help unemployed former residents of Gush Katif.

For the January hiring, IDT is looking for computer savvy, intelligent people who speak English at mother-tongue level and seek to build a career.

IDT's CEO, Janine Kutliroff stated, "IDT is not only a commercial success. Our employees genuinely enjoy working in a warm, friendly and familiar setting. Contrary to critics' predictions, the company's special atmosphere, now an IDT signature, contributes significantly to our productivity and results." For more information call 02-541-2902.


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