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The Chareidi Plan for Peace in the Middle East

After the poor soldier (Gilad ben Avivah) was captured by Hamas and Israel responded by launching a major ground operation in Gaza, the first thing the pundits analyzed was how the developments affected what was originally known in English as the "convergence" plan, but then became known as "consolidation" and finally is currently known as the "realignment" plan of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert.

On the Spectrum of Messianic Belief in Contemporary Lubavitch Chassidism
by Rabbi David Berger

The controversies that swirl around contemporary Lubavitch Chassidism concern the deepest questions of faith and the defining parameters of the Jewish religion, but they also address a "simple" factual question: What do the chassidim actually believe about the Rebbe? This question — really a set of questions — is of course not simple at all.

Evolution: Do Not Overrate Its Significance
by R' Dovid Kornreich

Are the only two options for Evolution either to reject it out of hand because of the Torah's account of supernatural formation of life, or to reinterpret the verses of Bereishis to conform with the theory as much as possible?

The Nazi Pogrom on My Father's Seforim Library
by R' Yosef Friedensohn

On a recent Rosh Hashonoh, for some strange reason, my memory was stirred of a rather incidental episode that took place sixty-six years ago (1940/5700), something that happened during one of the first few weeks of the German invasion of Poland. Perhaps my memory was nudged because I prayed in a shteibel which was graced by a large number of beautiful bookcases containing specially bound volumes.

A Discredited, Evidence-less Idea

Dear Sir,

"Theories, Geological Evidence, and Assumptions" (4 Tammuz) made eminently clear that the fact that the date 5766 on the cover of Yated is literally true, preceded by a Hexaemeron of 144 literal hours, is the Torah stance!

Politica: Exempting Women from Army Servicez
By E. Rauchberger

According to the existing law a girl who declares she cannot serve in the IDF for religious reasons receives an exemption from military duty immediately. Paragraph 24 of Security Service Law allows an exemption to be revoked if the official in charge of reviewing the case determines that the exemption was obtained through deceitful means. But Subparagraph (5) excludes exemptions given for religious reasons from this.

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