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A Realistic Solution to the Moslem Problem

For the first four or five days, the only reports of the riots in France that we saw were those filed by Arnon Jaffe, our Paris correspondent. But after they persisted for seven and eight days, reports started to appear in the major media as well.

Practices and Guidelines of HaRav Shach in Yeshiva- Related Matters
by HaRav Gershon Eidelstein

The Yeshiva Regimen

There is one thing that is vital to all yeshiva students: reinforcing their strict adherence to the yeshiva time schedule. This is a guarantee for success.

Meaningful Prayer
by Dovid Leitner

Part 3

In the previous two articles we explained the background to prayer and its great potential power in shaping our personal destiny. The following articles will deal with the actual meaning of the word tefilloh, so that we can better appreciate what we can accomplish through prayer.

The Bris For All Generations
by Rabbi Yechezkel Spanglet

Sixty-two years ago, a tormented Yid sat with his hands enveloping his face, weeping uncontrollably in his dilapidated bunk. There in Auschwitz, he had experienced inhumane conditions beyond imagination. He did not know if he would witness the next sunrise. He had reached the brink of total despair.

In Support of Geocentricityy

To The Editor:

the excellent article "Seeing Hashem in His Creation" (14 Tishrei) quoted Sir Fred Hoyle and also referred to the unique anthropically favorable distance and position of the Earth and Sun in allowing the existence of life.

About the Recent Bread Price Rise

To The Editor:

When told that the French people were too poor to afford bread, Queen Marie Antoinette once said "Let them eat cake!" Is Prime Minister Sharon really this out of touch with the needs of his people?

Politica: Election Fever Over the Big Survey
By E. Rauchberger

If someone thought recently that Likud Ministers and MKs were busily engaged in public activity for the good of the country and discharging their duties as elected officials, he is sadly mistaken. They have been occupied by just one thing: the big poll conducted by the Likudnik website run by Likud Center member Arik Ziv, which generates a ranking for the Knesset list in the next elections.

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