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Marketing to the Chareidi Community in Israel

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

The general public will get a rare glance at the keys to marketing products and services to the chareidi world next week during a seminar to be held at the Sheraton City Tower Hotel in Ramat Gan by the Israeli Center for Management. The event is being sponsored by Yated Ne'eman and co- sponsored by Kupat Cholim Leumit, the Geocartographia Institute, Canaan Media in Motion, Na'ot Hapisgah, Discount Bank and Bolton Potential ad agency. The seminar will focus on the untapped potential in the chareidi sector and smart ways for marketers to penetrate it and increase their share in this market.

The marketing department of the Israeli Center for Management says the seminar will teach participants how to market to the chareidi sector with all its restrictions and what one must know before considering ads targeting it.

"During the one-day conference, which will last from 8:30 am until about 4:30 p.m., we will assess the values, world view and familiarity with the needs of the chareidi public and we will survey what the general public does to reach them and speak in their language," says the Israeli Center for Management. "One must take into account the rabbinical bodies, which carry great weight, and the limited media, and not overlook the relatively high consumption of this sector, which people are not sufficiently aware of."

The conference will be led by Mrs. Rachel Bolton, one of the owners of the Bolton advertising agency, and will be opened by Mr. Yitzchaki Chen, director of the Israeli Center for Management, and Rabbi Yaakov Labin, managing director of Yated Ne'eman. Lectures will be given by leading experts such as Yated reporter Aryeh Zissman, who will present the major changes recently made at Yated Ne'eman in reaction to changes in the culture of chareidi consumption, Geocartographia Director Dr. Rina Dagani, who will speak about differences in consumption habits between the chareidi sector and the general market, the power of labels in the chareidi segment and covering wedding and housing costs for newlyweds.

Ranking executives from the marketing departments at major companies such as Materna, Mei Eden, Kupat Cholim Leumit, Zoglobek and Discount Bank will lead fascinating discussions on topics including babies and children in the chareidi world and successfully selling to the chareidi market.


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