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26 Iyar 5766 - May 24, 2006 | Mordecai Plaut, director Published Weekly










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HaRav Shteinman and Gerrer Rebbe Conduct Joint Tour of Los Angeles, Toronto and Montreal
HaRav Shteinman Continues to Lakewood, Monsey, Mexico City and Buenos Aires

by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Thousands of Los Angeles residents joined together for a his'orerus gathering surrounding the historic visit of HaRav Aharon Leib Shteinman and the Admor of Gur, HaRav Yaakov Aryeh Alter.

New Israeli-European Conversion Scandal
Vaad HaRabbonim and CER in Joint Effort to Strengthen European Conversion

By Betzalel Kahn, M Plaut, and Yated Ne'eman Staff

According to the Israel news organization News First Class, Rabbi Chaim Druckman, a former MK (NRP) whom Ariel Sharon appointed several years ago to head the conversion system in Israel, himself violated the law including forging a conversion certificate. The government conversion system was set up to encourage non-Jewish immigrants to undergo "conversion," claiming that the red tape at established botei din made conversions over difficult.

013 Barak — A Kosher Telco
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

Kashrus certification has long since extended beyond the realm of food products. Today every company seeking to increase its share of the chareidi market knows that the more problematic a product is and the more it is liable to contain elements that are unfit from a religious standpoint, the greater the need to win a seal of approval.

Barak Draws Political Fire for Remarks on Citizenship Law
By Betzalel Kahn

High Court President Aharon Barak drew political fire for saying that if the Knesset extends the validity of the Citizenship Law it would be disqualified by the High Court. Barak called the majority decision to reject an appeal against the Citizenship Law only a "technical loss" for him.

Israel Catches Biggest Hamas Criminal in Yehuda
by M Plaut

In a combined operation, the Israel Security Agency, the IDF and an elite unit of Border Police force arrested the head of Hamas's armed branch in the West Bank overnight Monday. His capture was described by the IDF as a "great military feat."

Iran Denies Legislation Requiring Jews to Wear Yellow Patches
By G. Lazer

Following a flurry of reactions around the world, Iran was forced to issue an official announcement denying media reports that it planned to legislate a law that would require Jews to wear yellow patches or some other distinctive article of clothing. Earlier the Iranian Ambassador to Canada refused to comment on the report, saying it was not relevant to Canada.

Rotation Agreements Between Degel HaTorah and Agudas Yisroel Carried Out in Various City Councils
By Betzalel Kahn and Y. Ariel

Two-and-a-half years after the last round of local elections, rotation agreements between Degel HaTorah and Agudas Yisroel were carried out in city councils across Israel.

HaRav Kasriel Kaplan zt"l
By Betzalel Kahn

HaRav Kasriel Kaplan zt"l, known as a marbitz Torah and a dayan in London for 35 years before moving to Jerusalem, passed away at the age of 74.

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