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First Residents Arrive in Elad's Degel HaTorah Neighborhood

By A. Cohen

Elad's new Degel HaTorah neighborhood, organized by Binyan Shalem, is now being populated with its first residents.

The B. Yair Construction Company, which has built numerous neighborhoods around the country for bnei Torah buyers, maintained high standards in constructing the 104- unit neighborhood, where public infrastructures designed to benefit residents also recently reached completion.

As soon as the first residents arrived, a beis knesses and beis medrash was inaugurated. In attendance at the event were the moro de'asra HaRav Shlomo Zalman Grossman, Deputy Council Head and Education Commissioner Rabbi Tzvi Herbst, Deputy Council Head and Religion Commissioner Rabbi Shmuel Grossman and local residents. The structure housing the beis knesses was donated by B. Yair CEO Mr. Yair Biton and family.

The event opened with tefillas Ma'ariv for the residents of the new neighborhood and the gabboim of the beis knesses. R' Reuven Cohen, representing the congregants, offered praise to the Borei Olom for making it possible to take up residency in the neighborhood. HaRav Grossman said that he was certain Kiryat Degel HaTorah would be a continuation of the vision of Rabbenu Hagodol HaRav Shach zt"l, and offered blessings that the neighborhood have the merit to serve as a lighthouse of Torah and yir'oh.

Rabbi Herbst, who worked hard to promote the beis knesses together with his assistant, Rabbi Avigdor Katzburg, extended blessings that the unity manifested on that day continue for a long time to come.

The gabboim then announced a fundraising drive for the writing of a sefer Torah.

The new residents expressed gratitude to the project backers and the managers of the B. Yair Company for working to create a high-caliber Torah neighborhood, as well as all of the other figures who helped build another building block in the city of Elad. They also thanked the Degel HaTorah city councilmen for their efforts.

Degel HaTorah is the latest of Elad's numerous neighborhoods populated with thousands of bnei Torah in an environment featuring extensive development — including public buildings — that reflects both the spiritual and physical elements of communal life.

A residence committee supervised by local rabbonim recently formed to preserve the spiritual character of the neighborhood and bus stops were built near the neighborhood by Egged Plus Transit, which operates public transportation in Elad and to and from Bnei Brak and other locations.


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