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From the Mouths of Babes
by Z. Shlanger

The challenging question of "Kol Dichfin" - inviting fresh or potential baalei teshuva to our Shabbos or Seder table.

Let's Have Some Light

by N.Zur

Freyda Klein came home from the clinic with her baby Eliezer, at a quarter to five one afternoon. Thank G-d, apart from an ear infection and a stomach bug which ought to pass within a week, the baby was fine. As she started going up the stairs with the whimpering child, she thought she would put on an extra spurt, 'just three flights of stairs and I'll be home'. And then she saw itňagain.

Healthy Eating
by S. Kissner

It was Purim two years ago that we first met the Shwarznegers. We had just moved into the neighborhood and they very kindly invited us together with our six children, to join them for the seuda. We enjoyed the food and the companionship and were not unduly disturbed when Mr.Shwarzneger urged us to partake of the Chinese salad.

Housekeeping Humor

by Adina Mayer

The miracle of the mess... Or - rolling with the `punctures'

Calmly, Calmly
(Setting Limits)

by Chaim Walder

A child who would strongly lash out in his home and cause damage told me in a conversation that he had done so because he had asked for a specific toy and not received it.

Midnight Musings
By Risa Rotman

There she goes again. My baby has woken up for the second or third time. I stretch. Her cries grow louder. Ok, ok, I'm coming. As I get up, I hear the soft breathing in the quiet of the night all around the house.

The Palm Tree
By Gita Gordon

This palm tree has forced its way through the cement at the entrance to our apartment block. The paving stones were well laid and cement carefully placed between them, yet, this small seed found some soil and forced its way upward, through a barrier of stone and cement, reaching out for the light, growing season by season.

Physical Activity & Well-Being!
By Dr. Reuven Bruner, Ph.D.

Most people are very busy but not very active. Every adult should make a habit of getting 30 minutes of low to moderate levels of physical activity daily. This includes walking, gardening, and walking up stairs. If you are inactive now, begin by doing a few minutes of activity each day. If you only do some activity every once in a while, try to work something into your routine every day.

Your Medical Questions Answered!

by Joseph B. Leibman, MD

Vitamins are a broad subject, but there is no evidence that one needs to take supplements in most developed countries. Vitamin A is poisonous to the liver in high doses. Coenzyme Q10 does have some benefit in heart patients and Parkinson's, but it is extremely expensive. DHEA was reported to help retard aging and help in dementia. It does not work.

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