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At the Seder We Experience Geulah
by E. Rauchberger

Nisan is the month of Redemption. In Nisan they were redeemed, and in Nisan they will be redeemed (Rosh Hashonoh 11a). This is our history and this is the promise of the future.

Tell Your Son On That Day: Some of HaRav Eliashiv's Teachings on Educating Children
Prepared by Rav Shlomo Rosenstein

Parents' Accomplishments Help Their Children

To the extent that parents sacrifice themselves for Torah, they blaze a trail for their children to follow and it becomes easier for future generations to take the path of life — "Torah will return to a place where it previously found lodging."

Tell Your Son on that Day: Thoughts on Chinuch for Our Generation
by HaRav A.Y.L. Steinman

Chinuch Means Getting Results

There are mitzvos which must be done even without us seeing any results. This specific act is what the Torah tells us to do, so it makes no difference whether or not something good will come of it, the mitzvah must always be done nonetheless. In the case of chinuch the result is also important. One's child has to emerge educated.

How to Prevent Teenage Dropouts from the Torah Community
A shmuess by HaRav Yosef Rosenblum, rosh yeshivas Shaarei Yosher, America

During HaRav Steinman's visit to the Torah communities of the United States last fall, over five hundred educators gathered in the beis hamedrash of Yeshivas Torah Vodaas in Flatbush to discuss topical chinuch issues.

Reading the Divine Book of Nature
by Mordecai Plaut

It seems fair to say that an area of Western knowledge that has always seemed to hold especially great promise for benefit to Torah is the physical sciences.

Two Paths to Tangible Emunah: Tragedy and Awe
by Rabbi Michael Tzvi Lyons

Due to the growing difficulties in establishing the beginning of the month through the sighting of the new moon by witnesses, Hillel Hasheini established the rules for computing the calendar thus avoiding the need to rely on witnesses. In so doing, certain fundamental patterns became invariant, such as that the day of the week upon which the first day of Passover falls coincides with that of the Ninth of Av.

A Song from Within: Understanding the Uniqueness of Hallel on Seder Night
by Rabbi Daniel Yaakov Travis

A Time of Intimacy

Our daily prayers are often disturbed by the distractions and interruptions of our everyday lives. Frequently, when we stand up to converse with our Creator, we find our hearts distanced from the words that our lips utter mechanically. As we take three steps backwards to leave His Presence, we hope that perhaps next time we will achieve that closeness that we truly seek.

Matzo — A Matter of Questions and Answers
by Rabbi Yehoshua Pfeffer

Though the festival is commonly known as "Pesach," its Torah name is Chag Hamatzos — the festival of Matzos. This ought to command our attention. Pesach is ordinarily associated with our revelation as a nation through the great miracles of yetzias Mitzrayim — and not with the memory of the bread of affliction. What then is it that makes matzo the most fundamental element of these days?

The Iranian Connection

Ever since the Prime Minister unveiled his disengagement plan people have been asking, What happened to Sharon? What kind of transformation did he undergo? How is it that one of the most right-wing figures on the political scene, the founder and leader of the settlement movement, suddenly changed his stripes, adopting a distinctly left-wing policy?

Bi'ur Ma'asros Notice from Keren Hama'asros of England

To The Editor:

We wish to remind your readers that this year Bi'ur Ma'asros applies.

This means that all coins with kedushas ma'aser sheini on them (used to transfer the kedushoh of ma'aser sheini onto them during the past four years) must be eliminated before Pesach.

Manufacturer's Code for Chometz Products

To the Editor:

For those who are careful not to purchase chometz sold during Pesach:

The code in Israel for food manufactured after Pesach 5765 is 5121. The first digit indicates the year (5 for 2005) and the last three digits indicate the number of days since the first day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar (in this case, 121 days since the beginning of 2005).

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