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Meeting for Egged Drivers on Jerusalem's Mehadrin Lines
By Betzalel Kahn

Dozens of Egged drivers who man bus lines inside Jerusalem designated for the city's chareidi sector participated in a meeting--the first of its kind--to inform them of the needs of chareidi bus riders and the operating guidelines on special lines.

The meeting, headed by Egged Jerusalem Director Yossi Chachkes, was held at the Beit Egged lecture hall with mehadrin transportation activists, public representatives, regular chareidi bus riders and Egged professionals on hand. During the course of the meeting the Admor of Kalev and HaRav Mattisyohu Deutsch, one of the rabbonim of Ramat Shlomo, presented the drivers with divrei chizuk and his'orerus.

Chachkes opened the meeting with a description of changes in bus routes in Jerusalem's chareidi neighborhoods during the past three years, saying, "Egged is committed to providing public transportation services for the entire population, including the chareidi sector."

Advertising executive Benny Gal, director of Pirsum Gal, delivered a fascinating presentation surveying the chareidi sector's bus-riding habits. "The chareidi sector plans its schedule around the bus timetables. Every chareidi passenger spends large sums of money every year on public transportation and he expects decent treatment that takes his needs and sensibilities into consideration."

City Councilor Rabbi Shlomo Rosenstein, charged by the Mayor to act as liaison between Egged and the chareidi public, said, "The chareidi public sees riding the bus as a central part of daily life and therefore it must be treated just like a member of the household."

Rav Deutsch, who was involved in planning a number of Egged's mehadrin lines, spoke about the mehadrin lines' importance to the chareidi sector, calling them "a great contribution." He also announced the setup of a rabbinical committee to which drivers' will be able to direct their complaints.

Other speakers included Rabbi Michah Rothschild, a veteran transportation activist, Rabbi Yisroel Moshe Direnfeld, director of Vaad Hachinuch Ha'olami, and Egged passengers R' Mattisyohu Tanenbaum and R' Binyomin Kirshenbaum.


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