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Rabbinical Delegation Visits Kaliningrad
by Yated Ne'eman Staff

A delegation lead by Chief Rabbi A. Shayevitch of Russia and Rabbi Aba Dunner, secretary general of the Conference of European Rabbis, visited Kaliningrad last week. The delegation visited the grave of Reb Yisroel Salanter on the day of his yahrtzeit and recited Tehillim at the vandalized grave, where the recently-dedicated tombstone has already been badly damaged.

The delegation also met with the Governor of Kaliningrad Oblast/Region Mr. Vladimir Yegorov, with the Mayor Jury Savenko, with the President of the Parliament Vladimir Nikitin, and with the Minister for Education Dr. Lazar Fookson. The discussions dealt with the provision of further facilities for the Jewish community. Ambassador Ronald Lauder, who already provides the city with a Lauder Kindergarten, is seeking to expand this facility to provide Jewish education for the community. He sponsored the visit although he was unable to join the delegation himself.

The CER also held a two day regional conference of "northern" rabbis in Helsinki last week. It was chaired by Chief Rabbi of Norway Rabbi M Edelmann and attended by rabbis from Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Latvia, Estonia and Finland.

The Executive Director of the CER came from Jerusalem as well as Dayan Ch. Ehrentreu of London. The conference theme was "The status of the rabbinate in our communities - a look into the future."

Amongst the subjects covered were: problems experienced by isolated Jewish communities, local kashrus and standards for the production of kosher products, Jewish burials, the need for more mikvaot and conversions.

Dayan Ehrentreu, in conjunction with Rabbi Edelmann, dealt with some local halacha issues.

At the dinner in honor of the visiting delegation the president of the community Gideon Bolotowsky highlighted the fact that this was the first time since the war that such a gathering had taken place in Helsinki. He stressed that such visits helped to strengthen Jewish awareness within the community and hoped that such visits would be repeated in the not-too-distant future.


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