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Kiryat Avi Ezri Apartments in Beit Shemesh to be Ready Ahead of Schedule
by Betzalel Kahn

Heads of Kiryat Avi Ezri in Beit Shemesh have announced the transfer of ownerships of apartments will be advanced thanks to substantial financial assistance provided by R' Heshy Friedman of Canada, who received blessings from maranan verabonon recently.

The new neighborhood, located adjacent to the city's chareidi sector, was named in memory of HaRav Shach, author of Avi Ezri. Construction is slated to begin soon and hundreds of bnei Torah families have already signed purchase agreements.

R' Friedman took an interest in proposals to become a partner after seeing the large demand among bnei Torah for apartments in the large project. His recent decision to enter into partnership will make them available within 16 months.

Following a survey of Beit Shemesh and a detailed inspection it was decided to present purchasers with a plan to move the project to a new site on land located in the heart of Beit Shemesh, between the established chareidi neighborhood and Ramat Beit Shemesh. The new site, where building permits and groundwork have already been completed, will allow the construction company, A. Yonah, to complete the apartments ahead of the originally scheduled date. Kiryat Avi Ezri heads, under the leadership of HaRav Meir Tzvi Bergman, were pleased to hear of the accelerated timetable. R' Friedman visited HaRav Bergman in his home to notify him of the favorable scheduling change.

The new site is an ideal location in Beit Shemesh and will connect all of the areas of chareidi concentration. Kiryat Avi Ezri promises to bring signification advantages to the entire city and to infuse it with a boost in ruchniyus.

The founding convention for Kiryat Avi Ezri and its institutions, held last week at Mosdos Ateres Shlomo in Beit Shemesh and led by Rav Sholom Ber Sorotzkin, was attended by the city's rabbonim including Rav Nosson Hakohen Kopshitz, the moroh d'asro of the Nachalah Umenuchah neighborhood and a member of the rabbinical committee of the new neighborhood. Hundreds of avreichim were also on hand.

R' Friedman and the project's other entrepreneurs recently paid visits to HaRav Eliashiv, HaRav Shteinman, HaRav Michel Yehuda Lefkowitz, HaRav Nissim Karelitz, HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, HaRav Shmuel Auerbach, the Admor of Belz and HaRav Mordechai Gross, as well as other gedolei Torah, roshei yeshivos and admorim.

Maranan verabonon received R' Friedman with a warm welcome and thanks, praising him for his show of allegiance to the Torah world and the chareidi sector-- in addition to his assistance in the publication of the Friedman Edition of the Shulchan Oruch--by taking a large part in setting up the neighborhood that will bear the name of Maran HaRosh Yeshiva, zt'l, who wholly devoted himself to bnei Torah and is sure to act as a meilitz yosher in the merit of his act of philanthropy. R' Friedman is offering to provide a $10,000 loan to every purchaser in order to help young couples afford the housing.

Kiryat Avi Ezri sales offices have prepared the new plans-- which closely match the original ones--for the public. Purchasers who have already signed agreements, as well as others who are in the process of selecting an apartment, are being summoned to company offices to sign contracts as soon as possible. Efforts are also being made to provide government grants while they are still available.


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